Tuesday, February 28, 2023

A bust and a fresh chance

 I am so excited about the month of March!  I am literally chomping at the bit to get it rolling!   Or maybe I am just anxious to put February behind me.  Whichever the case may be, I'm ready to get moving.

 Project 50

In my last post I wrote about my plan to start my very own Project 50 challenge.   I adapted some of the guidelines to make it doable for me.  I wanted it to fit my goals and my life.  I also wanted it to be a challenge for myself but yet also attainable!    I feel like I struck a really good balance with that.  I am also super excited to start!  I have a spreadsheet already set up and printed out for myself to track my progress.  I am pumped and ready to rock!  Now just to wait until day one!  Luckily, it is the last day of the month while I am writing this and thus, I start tomorrow!  Tomorrow starts this challenge!  I am feeling quite confident and capable!  Who knows, maybe when this is over, I will do a 75 hard!   But that is me feeling powerful before I even begin.  Let's get this Project 50 underway!   Bring it on!

A rough Month on the scales

February was a rough month for me in terms of weight.  I have been up a little on the scale and then down a little. It's been a virtual seesaw in regard to what numbers I see on the scale.  It's incredibly frustrating!    I am at least relieved to see that I did lose weight in February.  I am down 1 pound.   Yeah, I know...yay you dropped weight and anything other than a gain is a good thing.  But seriously?  One. Stinking. Pound?   Are you kidding me?  That is frustrating!  It is heartbreaking.  It angers me!

So, I have to be brutally honest with myself.  I have sunk back into the routine of eating spot on my plan throughout the work week.  But the weekends it's a free for all.  Ok, maybe not a free for all, but I do indulge a bit more than I should.  Last weekend I said I was going to have my sweet treat on Friday night and then leave the rest for Jason.  I was so bound and determined!   I had this in the bag!   One sweet treat and then done!

Yeah, that didn't work out in my favor.  I totally caved and cracked under the pressure.  I ate cake each night.  Yes, really!   

So t is with sadness and anger at myself that I announce that this 1-pound loss is 100% my fault!  I can't blame it on my intense exercise or water or any extraneous reason.  It was all me!

Change in Routine

Jason went back to work on Friday.  He was off 4 months literally to the day.  How crazy is that?   Zoey did not handle her daddy being gone all that time well.  She was heartbroken in the morning when he left and nothing, I did could drive her from her panic and upset that he left her.  (We spent a lot of time sitting in the driveway where his car is normally parked as she waited.)  She actually did pretty well during my work hours....kinda got herself under control and settled down.  However, by the evening she started pacing and worrying and trying to get back to the driveway.... she knew her daddy had been gone long enough.  And when he walked in the door, oh my word it was bedlam!  SHe went nuts!   

Yesterday was slightly better.  But she still went ape crazy when he got home!  For the next hour she had a bad case of the zoomies and literally was galloping in circles around the house.  I at one time tried to stand in her way to slow her down.  She just bypassed and went under the dining room table at full speed!   She can fit NOW at 5 months of age, but in a few months, she probably won't fit!  :-)

We are trying different techniques and diversions to help her get through this adjustment.  

Zoey isn't the only one that has to adjust.  Jason and I are both adjusting to this new routine.   People kept saying "oh you will be happy to have him go back to work and get him out of your hair".   Boy were they wrong.  I didn't want him to go back!  I miss him like crazy!    SO that is one adjustment.  The other BIG one for me is exercise.  I used to have time to exercise because he took care of the morning routine for the house while I disappeared into our exercise room.   That isn't possible anymore.  So I am trying to squeeze in 35-45 minutes of exercise before he leaves.  I'm trying to walk as much as possible with the dog.  No standing outside and watching her.  Zoey and I are walking and moving.  I'm making it work for me...but it is a stretch to squeeze it in!  

Life continues

Life is continuing onward.  It's crazy. It's busy.  It's mine.  I just need to adjust and adapt to everything and keep my health first and foremost in my mind!   I want this weight gone which means I need to make the sacrifices (I'm talking to you Mr. Cake)!


jen said...

It’s so hot and humid here at the moment and every night I have been treating myself to a low calorie ice cream up. On WW they are only 2 or 3 points. I can easily track that into my daily food plan. It seems to be helping me, I’m not craving anymore.

MaryFran said...

I loe it! That is the name of the game......learning how to indulge without killing the food budget! Great job!