Monday, October 26, 2020

Healthy Choices

I am super proud of this past week.   The scales may not show my efforts and the steps that I took to be healthy.  I however know what I did in the arena of my healthy eating and my healthy fitness pursuits and I couldn’t be happier!  

Exercise through the week
Let’s start with exercise because this may be the place that I am most proud.  I started my work week and I had been planning on running on my lunch breaks and that very first day I wimped out!  Oh yes I did.  All morning I flat out decided and vowed that there would be no run!   And then about 10 minutes before lunch I got my mind straight and I went out!   Day one done!   I used my lunch break all week wisely for exercise (except one day when I had some other stuff to do)  I rode the exercise bike one day but the rest of the time I was outside jogging.   And of course we had that nice hike over the weekend!

Healthy Eating

I am not going to lie or stretch the truth and say that I didn’t have ANY sweet treat.  I did.   The first day of my weigh in week I splurged and had a piece of shoofly pie.   The rest of the week (and the week before) I did not indulge in any sweet treat!    I didn’t succumb to any unhealthy snacking temptation.  One day I was really struggling and I ate a banana!   I ate lots of fruits and veggies.  My lunches were a nice salad.   I was eating healthy nutritious food.

My calories were up between 1600 and 1800 calories each day.   That is exactly where all the calculators and whatnot tell me I need to be in terms of caloric intake. 

Scales are Stupid

I made healthy choices all around this past week.   For a while I thought I was going to have a gain....but at the last minute my weight leveled back out and I had a maintain!    (Whew!)

It is infuriating to be active and make healthy choices and still gain/maintain!!!!

So looking more deeply.   I know that 1600-1800 calories should have me losing weight.  I read the books, I listen to the comments.  I try it, because honestly I WANT to be able to eat those calories!   But I figured out long ago that my body doesn’t work that way.  When I did weight watchers (successfully) I figured out that when I ate my extra flex points/weekly points/exercise earned points that I didn’t lose weight. I remember a night when a friend from the meeting turned to me and said, ‘I find it so sad that you can’t eat those extra points’.   It just doesn’t work for my body!  I have at various times over the years had my thyroid’s working just fine.   It’s just how MY body works...sadly enough!

Moving forward to lose weight

I plan on continuing the lunchtime runs/bike rides.   I also plan on keeping up with the healthy nutritious foods.    The big change?  I will be working to bring my calorie count a whole lot lower!!!!  I know for my body it is important.  I talk about it constantly, but I just have resisted doing it!!!!   I can’t resist any longer!!!!


jen said...

I am sitting on 1500 calories atm and it seems to be working WHEN I commit myself 100%
You are doing day at a time.

Iowabovine said...

Good job! I think reducing your caloric intake will really be a help.

SANRDJ said...

Great job at getting moving again - that seems to be my biggest struggle. Get tweaking those caloric numbers and I bet you will see some big losses! You can do it. Just take one week, one day at a time. When you start to see the numbers drop, it will be easier to say no to those darn temptations!

peppylady (Dora) said...

I been pretty much staying with in my bounds when it come to my adventure of weight lost.

Stained Glass Butterfly said...

I never add in my exercise calories when I am logging my food and workouts on LoseIt. I know I won't lose weight if I do. I seem to need lower calories too to lose anything.

Tiffany said...

Great going on the exercise

MaryFran said...

Commitment and consistency is definitely the key! The weekends kill me!!!

MaryFran said...

Thanks! I know that historically for me, it’s the only way...bare minimum of calories. Wah!!!! But I want to lose weight more than anything else!!!

MaryFran said...

Thanks for the encouragement!!! You are right...when I see the numbers start to drop I will be encouraged and it will become easier! Right now I’m struggling with consistency!!!

MaryFran said...

Yay! That is awesome that you are staying within your boundaries for weight loss!!!! Keep up the good work!!!

MaryFran said...

Thank you for your insight to your losing. So much recently everyone is telling me ‘your not eating enough and that’s why you are gaining’. And in theory it works but I know form history it’s not how it works for me. So hearing other people say what I ‘know’ is refreshing!