Wednesday, May 20, 2020

I hate exercise

For a while there, I was actually loving to exercise!   Yes, me!  The overweight gal that prefers to read and do crafts!  I actually loved and craved exercise! But something happened and it is just not my friend any more!

 I was going to zumba and doing as many sessions as I could each week.  (Can we say 4-6 hours of Zumba?). In the same week I was riding my bike, doing exercise videos and running at least 4 times a week.  It was insane!  But I felt strong and healthy!

And then something happened.    I have evolved back into the lazy Maryfran, the ‘I’d rather be crafting’ Maryfran!  Exercise comes when Jason says its is so nice today, we have to get outside!   I go...somewhat grudgingly.  The good thing, I never regret going!   

This past weekend we went out for a bike ride .and I realized that right now I am doing better when I can forget that what I’m doing is exercise.   We went on a section of the canal that I have not been on in years.  I was so busy looking at everything that the miles passed by and I almost forgot that I was exercising!  

Masking exercise in some fun activity is a great way to get it done. 

 However, I want to bring back the Maryfran that couldn’t wait to get out and go for that run. I want to be the Maryfran that wouldn’t skip a zumba class unless I was on my death bed!    I want that hot sweat dripping down my back.  I want that feeling of exhilaration that infused me after a workout. I want it.  But I hate it and dread it right now. 

I swear I’m a hot mess!  How can I want something but hate it?  Hopefully if I just push myself to do it, I will learn to love it again!!!!!!   

So yes, the running WILL soon as my ribs are capable!!!! 


Cathy said...

My Mom got super clumsy as she got older. She was an avid geocacher and would fall all the time, but like you, not while she was just walking. I found out later that one of her medications made her clumsy (maybe dizzy?) Anyway, I don't know if you take any medications, but maybe there are side effects you don't know about??

Amy said...

I hate exercise too. After I do it I feel good, but getting the motivation to do it is the tough part since I'm not naturally a person who enjoys being active. I am a born klutz! I like to say I have a knack for being able to trip on an out-of-place carpet loop! When I was young my mom used to think people would think she was beating us because I literally could not get up a flight of stairs without tripping and my legs were constantly all bruised up. I have inner-ear drainange issues and slow reflexes now that I am older so I trip over stuff or lose my balance a lot, I also think I don't lift my feet enough. If you keep up with yoga your balance will improve. I need to follow my own advice too!