Monday, March 02, 2020

The scales need to die

Another weight week has ended adn that means that it is time to share my week, my weight loss efforts and my results on the scales!  So lets get to it!

We started this week with fabulous weather.  Oh my word, it was wonderful!    On saturday we didn't have the time to really get outside.  We went to the car dealership where I bought my car and my baby had it's first oil change.  That took ALL. MORNING. LONG.   The line was forever long. Next oil change we will be there when (before) they open!  We swung through a store or two...stopped by to see my family and then stopped by to see Jason's parents.  That was pretty much the full day!

On Sunday we had to do groceries...but we did that early and got out to hike!   It was literally teeshirt weather!   Don't worry, we were wise and chose a path to walk/hike that was easy easy easy!  Nothing strenuous or difficult for my healing back!   It was great because we saw ruins.
We saw abandoned buildings

And all sorts of cool stuff!

I took a tumble...but luckily it did not jar my back and hurt me more.  I did however fall on top of my good camera.....and having that between me and the ground has caused some pain and bruising on my stomach!

On Monday it was back to work....and I got some walks in during my lunch break....but it was the normal crazy week.  I kept my WW points in line.  I ate what I was supposed to be eating and I didn't go overboard. ...I was right where I needed to be!  

So why did my weight pop up?  Why did my weight show up ALL. WEEK. LONG?????   I honestly was worried about my official weigh in that was scheduled for Friday.   Luckily by about Wednesday my weight was showing signs of dropping!  But would it drop enough to show a loss...or even a maintain???  So lets get that official weigh in out of the way.

I lost 0.6 pounds!!!  And I couldn’t be happier!!!  Ecstatic!!!

So here is the extra thing.  I have ALWAYS said I was going to get more religious with taking my measurements.  I will take the measurements and then forget about it.  Or I will take my measurements and then lose the numbers.  I don't know that I have EVER remembered to do my measurements the next month....until this month.  (Thank heavens for my monthly weight loss planner that has everything in one place!)  I measured on 1/22/20 and again on 1/25/2020.  Oh wow....I lost at least one inch on every measurement (except my legs...they were 1/2 inch or maintain numbers).  And some of my measurements were closer to a 3-4 inch loss.   I was blown away!   

So there you have week in review.  I am SO happy that I finally (after years and years of saying I was going to do it) managed to complete my measurements and see a change!  I am definitely planning to follow up and measure again net month!  It was a rough week on the scales...but I pulled out a loss!  Go me!!


Shelley said...

I honestly don't know how you manage to weigh yourself every day - doing that made me so crazy with the ups and downs! Glad to see you ended the week with a loss after it making you irritated all week, LOL.

jen said...

Measurements are the best. When the scales don't show anything the tape usually does.
All the best for another good week.

Sarah said...

Congrats on the loss. Hope your back is feefeel better soon. I know how frustrating back pain is!

Anonymous said...

I can barely handle weekly weigh ins. Daily would be too much of an emotional roller coaster for me. This week saw a gain 1.5 pounds and I am so bummed out. I have had too many gains lately. 😢 Congrats on your loss. You’re right, scales are stupid but I still let it control me.

Paula C

Mrs Swan said...

I don't do measurements because I feel that I will skew them. As in having the tape too loose or tight kinda thing.

I do now take pictures though and compare the hell outta them! happy for your loss!

I weight every day just about and the scale has Bluetooth. I use it for data as you do as well.