Wednesday, September 25, 2019

SOOO tired

What a crazy weekend and beginning of this work week!  What can I say other than busy!

We had our normal fun for the week!  We were able to get out and ride our bikes on the mountain bike trails both days.    Saturdays ride was actually quite fun!  Oh yeah, there were parts that were really hard and difficult, but I actually had fun.  I also felt awesome!  So awesome that when we finished the loop, I tacked on a few more miles....miles that included this killer washed our trail that is full of tree roots, crevices, rocks and uphill climbing.  It was hard but satisfying at the same time.

Sundays ride was a bit less fun.  It should have been more of a recovery ride.  But we only rode 2 miles less than we rode on Saturday and on some of the same trails.  And trails that push me!  My legs were already wiped out before we began so I really had to push myself.  I was proud of what we had done.

The rest of our time over the weekend was spent doing errands, visiting family and trying to get some of the stuff that needs to be done finished!  Yes, I have a list of things that need to be done before vacation that we are working on!

The drama began Sunday night.  Ok, maybe the drama actually began Saturday night when I walked through the kitchen.  I heard some loud whining noise.  We ascertained that it was coming from under the sink.  Jason checked the garbage disposal and dishwasher but they were fine.  Everything was dry as a bone so I knew the sink wasn't leaking.  So we talked about it and just watched it.  We decided that we would call maintenance on Monday to come look...but that 'i hear a weird noise' is not on the list of emergencies that they will respond to on a weekend.  All was fine in our world.  On Sunday night at about 7 or 8 we heard a huge loud crash.  I was sure someone had been carrying furniture up the steps and fallen.  We rushed out to the steps....but nothing.  We walked around but couldn't hear anything from any of our neighbors so we went back inside.  We heard one more loud crash but just looked at each other and shrugged  our shoulders.  On Sunday night we were exhausted and we went to bed early.  By 9:15 we were both sound asleep (ok, maybe not sound asleep sine we had gone to bed at 9...but you get the drift.  At 9:30 someone started banging on our door.  It took us a few minutes to get ourselves awake and to the door.  We looked out the peep hole but we couldn't ascertain who it we rushed around getting on proper clothes and eventually got the door open.  It was a maintenance worker from our apartment complex.  I knew immediately where to direct him as soon as he said his first sentence.  "You have a leak somewhere over near your kitchen"  Yup....that sink noise.  Apparently it was a pretty bad the pipe that supplies our water...the pipe that is under our cabinets...under our floors but above the apartment below us ceiling.  Oh wait.....they don't have a ceiling anymore.  The leak was bad enough that it brought their ceiling crashing down.   SOOOOOO thus began HOURS of the maintenance man rushing in and out of our apartment while he attempted to fix the issue.  I didn't get to bed until about 1:30/2 in the morning.  My kitchen was still a bit torn up.  The bases of the inside of my kitchen cabinet needs to be replaced so all of the stuff is just sitting on my kitchen floor.  But otherwise we were back to normal.  The problem?    My alarm goes off at 4:30.  Uhhhh yeah......Monday was ROUGH!  Luckily Monday night didn't have too much on the list for us to complete.....the list really kicks in on Wednesday!
The kitchen that caused the issues......and my under sink stuff sitting nicely stacked on the floor

Tuesday was much better.  I had gotten a pretty good night sleep and was ready to rock this week!  And that point I only had three more days until vacation (not counting Tuesday!)

So there you have it.  Crazy busy.....drama.....troubles....and dreaming!  I am still eating in a manner that makes me happy, is healthy and is at a level that will have me losing weight!  So I am totally happy!


Amy said...

Oh Noooooo! That's too much crazy and I don't know how you function on such little sleep! You have a fantastic attitude though. It might be something you laugh about in the future.

Sarah said...

Just watched your video. AWESOME JOB getting up that hill! I was actually holding my breath every time you were trying.

Tiffany said...

glad the ride was so good

MaryFran said...

Lol...remember, I was writing this a day or so after the fact!!! Lol

MaryFran said...

That was such a huge victory!!! I was so excited...but also immediately set another goal!!!! Always pushing forward!!!

MaryFran said...

Thanks!!!! I was happy!!

Mrs Swan said...

Oh my!!!!! Good thing you are not responsible for a leak under your cabinet! Poor people below you though! I'm going to guess they were not home and came home (crashes) and came home to that mess!

peppylady (Dora) said...

Wow..what a kitchen adventure.
Coffee is on