Friday, May 04, 2018

Small changes.....

I managed to walk on every break and each lunch through the end of my work week!  Go me!  (Yup...I’m off work today, Friday!)

I even saw turtles sunning themselves on the edge of the lake (I didn’t know the lake outside of work had turtles)!   And I saw a whole gaggle I’d baby geese!

There were a few more that were outside my camera shot!  That’s a lot of young babies with the two adult geese!

My evening runs have been a bit lacking.  Ok...more than a bit lacking...totally absent!  I plan on getting out there on the weekend!   I knew when I started that weekends were going to be my running days and if I was lucky I would get a weekday run in.

I did two nights of push ups and planks.  The last night my upper body...who knows what the area is called...front of my body...below my shoulders...above my breasts......oh my word, sooooo sore!   But it’s time to do them again!!!   My upper body had always been mostly ignored...and while I know push ups are not all that all encompassing, they are better than nothing!

I have also been trying to be more ‘engage muscles’ while at work.  I’m not doing all of these, but it’s giving me ideas.

I am also going back to some old weight watchers advice from when I was going to weight watchers.   Bracing!  Holding your stomach in...engaged those core muscles.  

Small changes can lead to big changes!

My weight was down this morning.  Woohoo!  So my weekday routine that I have going is working.   Now I have to make it through my weekend...and a four day one for me!

Today I am spending the day with my I’m sure we will go to to lunch and I also have to grocery shop.   The Saturday and Sunday plans for Jason and I include a tentative trip to the Catoctin Zoo and Wildlife Park and then we also want to drive into Virginia to our favorite pizza joint (beat ever pizza) and then go to REI...he has his member rewards to use and he is going to buy knee and elbow pads to use while he is out there on his mountain bike jumping and being crazy....a bit of extra protection....and I am 100% behind him being safe!

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Jenn said...

Great job with getting out on your lunch breaks!!! It's great you're trying to be more active. Double kudos on the planks. I always fall over when I try those! :-D Have a great weekend, and hang in there!