Monday, April 23, 2018

Right or wrong

There is the right way, and there is the wrong way.  But when you talk about losing weight, there is no right or wrong way. What is right for one person is wrong or another. What is right one month may be wrong another month. I am still searching for the right way for me at this stage of my life.

So the negative… I’m not losing weight. The positive? I’m maintaining my weight quite handily. Well not maybe an exact victory that requires celebration, but I am choosing to take it as a positive.

Another positive in my life, I am eating much more healthier then in the last two years. I’m loving it too! It’s crazy how good steamed green beans are. It blows my mind how delicious zucchini really is. I got away from eating that way and I forgot how good those foods really are. My diet is not perfect by any means, but I’m actually eating foods that are fueling my body in a nutritious way.  (For the most part)

On Saturday we rode bikes on a local trail. I had a blast. Trail riding is a lot of fun! It will be more fun when I’m actually on a bike that is better suited to trail riding. That is in the works for sure… We have plans. The negative about Saturday’s ride? My endurance and  my ability to climb are at an all time low. I was breathing like a freight train and my legs were like jelly.

On Sunday we took a nice long walk on the canal. It was crazy how many people were out there. No real negative about that walk.  

So back to the right way in the wrong way. My fitness level… The last year was definitely the wrong way. The right way is for me to face the freight train breathing, the jelly like leg and achy muscles and fix it.

My brother reminded me on Sunday that the jelly like legs and the freight train breathing we’re not going to kill me and that I should not have walked up any of the inclines. What can I say, he was telling me the right way.

While we were out walking we saw a lady getting fabulous exercise on the bike… Until we looked closer. It was one of those motorized bicycles. I’m not going to judge her maybe she had a medical condition that kept her from paddling on the flat canal towpath. But I can’t help but shake my head at the lack of even trying to better your body. We laughed and talked about it and both agreed that right now, the right way for us is to pedal pedal pedal. No motors on a bicycle for us. That said, we both agreed that if there was a medical condition we would definitely consider getting something so that we could still be outside. Right and wrong ...different stages of Life.

Calorie wise, I’m actually not doing poorly. My downfall is the fact that I like to baking… A lot. This weekend I made a dingdong cake. I’m calling it dingdong delicious. It is reminiscent of those childhood ding dong‘s that we used to get. That is my downfall. And I actually did better last night with the cake. It was delicious and I wanted more of it so bad, but what I told myself was that there will be more cake. I don’t have to let my addiction get control of me. That means I don’t have to eat four pieces of cake because of its tastiness. One piece to satisfy myself and know that there will be more cake the next night and if for some reason there is not, I can easily make another one. And do you know what? I think that the dingdong cake was even more delicious because I did not shovel two or three pieces into my mouth. So in retrospect , I guess I can say that my food addiction… The one that keeps me shoveling food into my mouth because it’s so delicious, even long past when I’m full is actually detracting from the deliciousness of the food. Oh my! What a deep thought and other amazing epiphany I just had!!!

Let me repeat that for myself. I eat something delicious, and my addiction drives me to have more and more and more of it because I want that delicious  bubble/high to continue. But in reality the more I eat the worse it tastes. I already know that the high only lasts for the first couple bites… The addict in me is what keeps eating trying to regain that high even though I know it’s hopeless. But I never put two into together to realize that he’s number two of cake and pizza number three if you really lose there value in taste.


Sarah said...

Good job biking the trail. And awesome job on the veggies.

You are getting your active weekends back!

BEE said...

Seems like you are doing great and figuring out what works for you
way to go!!!!

Vickie said...

This works for my mother. Instead of making a full size cake (and dealing with so many servings). She is making the one mug microwave type cakes. Most of them are big enough to split between two people. So it satisfies the “taste” with very few calories. And there are a lot of recipes so she has a wide variety.

Grace said...

Sugar is my nemesis. The less sugar I eat, the better I feel. The more sugar...the more I want...more more more...and the worse I feel with every bite. So staying away from processed sugar is basically "my diet."
I can mostly maintain my weight as long as I stay away from sugar. Anyway, hope you find what works for you...good luck!