Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Weigh in

So my weekly weigh in....246.    Still down from my high weight from the first of the year...but up from previous weeks.   But I know I did it to myself so I can’t say anything.

I’m keeping my food in check thus far this week.   And I’m I know for SURE that I’m on target.  

That’s all.  For weight at least.

Back pain....yes my back has been so tender as of late. Is it my mattress (it was cheap when I bought it..and getting old)?  My excess weight?   My posture?   My lack of exercise?   I don’t know but I’m concerned...we are moving in 16 days...   so I am trying to stretch it...exercise it.  And I am working on my posture!  At work mostly.   I slouch in my desk chair...bad!  So the first thing I did was lock my work chair in the upright position.    Wow...that is rough different!    The next thing I noticed?  When sitting straight I typically like to tuck my leg under me...sitting on one leg or the other.   This one is hard to break too!     But I’m trying! (I feel as if I’m falling out of the chair when my leg is not tucked!!).  The third thing I noticed...I usually lean to the left.  Even sitting up straight I lost leftward.   Changes...hard to fix but I’m working!

Moving....I am sooooo excited!   I have to curb my excitement because anytime I mention it near mom she bursts into tears.  I fairness, know that it’s probably worse because of dad dying...but she was lamenting me moving out months before Jason and I even made any plans.  She would make comments like ‘I just know you and Jason are going to want to live together someday and leave dad and I and I don’t want you to move.” And she would cry...months before dad got really ill.    So I’m constantly trying to curb my excitement!   Last. Igor I slipped and said ‘17 more sleeps’ and she just sobbed.’s hard being so excited but being made to feel bad about it.

16 more sleeps!!!!!!!

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Sarah said...

I'm sorry your mom is having a hard time. Does she have a pet that keeps her company? If not, maybe one would help.

I'm excited for your move too! Can't wait to hear about all the new adventures.

I sit on one leg too, but lean to the right LOL. That's a hard habit to break. I've been trying not to do it because it's bad for circulation.