Tuesday, October 31, 2017


So I’m going to start today with an analogy. Going to think about weight loss in relation to an airflight. The planning stages are like the preflight checklist. Starting the plan is like take off. Starting to lose and getting in the groove is flying at altitude. So on and so forth.

Well the other day when I wrote about my plans that with my preflight checklist. And I, as the pilot, must’ve fallen asleep and I never took off. Oh yes, the last week has not been good. Cinnabon, delicious doughnut, pumpkin muffins, brownies, and a whole lot more, have entered my life. it’s not been pretty! (Pretty tasty but not pretty!

Exercise well that’s still in the planning stages… OK let’s be honest I just haven’t started! It is hard enough to get out of bed when I do much less wake up even earlier to exercise!  This morning I was the walking zombie I was dragging so bad when I got out of bed...and it’s on Tuesday!!!

My weight this morning was not pretty, my low weight from last week is history. Luckily, I am not back to my  weight that my body seemed to like for months on end.

My only saving grace is that I typically eat fruit at lunch while I walk. However I do worry about my lunchtime walks as the weather gets colder.

My lunchtime walk on Friday should be labeled freaky Friday. I saw three different groups of people doing full on Photo shoot with props and everything… Using their cell phone cameras. OK so that’s not too freaky just kind of humorous to go to the great length of having props and going all out but not have a good quality camera. Next I saw an old guy laying in the grass. That in it self is not too odd. What makes it crazy is the fact that it was 50° and he was only wearing a pair of skimpy shorts. Now let me also add that he was an old geezer, think saggy old wrinkles all over his body. I’m right ....freaky Friday! And last but not least some foreign dude was sitting under a tree by the path with his cell phone in his hand and in his other hand he had this huge microphone… Bigger than his head sized microphone. And he was singing in a foreign language into his microphone which was attached by a cord to his phone.  I don’t know if he was recording or just singing or on the phone with somebody who knows I just picked up the pace and kept walking. Freaky Friday!

Back to the sweet treats that I have been over indulging in. Today I feel positively sick from the suite. So I’m on track today… My body is demanding it today! If only I can make my head remember what my body is telling me right now. If I could figure out how to do that though I would be rich because that is the age old question to weight loss.

It was rainy this weekend and Jason‘s foot is still recovering, so we took it easy and relaxed a lot. We saw the movie Jigsaw,  did a little shopping, and had fun watching Mertz get jacked up on catnip and then play with her.


Sarah said...

Ok little Miss, it's time to get back on track. It's ok to have a sweet treat every now and then, but it can't be your every day norm. (I passed up no bake cookies yesterday. Hello.... peanut butter and chocolate!)

Get your flight plan ready and let's take off. You can do this.

TheAgonyOfBeingFat said...

OMG! I laughed out loud at the Freaky Friday walk. You should have taken pictures of the craziness (well, except the old dude in shorts)!

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