Friday, September 08, 2017

150 calorie meal!!!

I have found a 150 calorie meal!!!   

Yeah I cracked up when I saw that on tv!!!

My weight is still dropping...slowly and steadily.  I'm not sure how or why but I'm rolling with it!

Why am I not sure????   My eating?   For breakfast I have been doing two slices of toast....or a breakfast belvita bar (or the Aldi brand version which are just as good and a fraction of the price!).   For lunch it's been 1-2 pieces of fruit while walking, and usually some pretzels or a granola bar (granola bars from Aldi's are good too!).  Dinner....had been whatever I want, and not at all caloric minded.  Seriously...a half of pizza and a half the next night.   One night I followed the pizza with some hostess mini donuts....  last night I had a half cold cut sub a bag (serving size three...oops) of cheese puffs, and some dessert (small piece of cake and this peanut butter crunch fluff stuff).  Oh and I had about 10-20 Reece's pieces at work!!  So no thought at all to eating healthy at night!!!

When I started seeing the weight come off I had this urge to attack my food.'s been ingrained in me for so many years!   And honestly...I tracked for a day and a half! (Maybe just a day).   But I stopped again.  Tracking filled me with a sense of oppression!  I really debated long and hard about what I was doing.    And for now I'm going to ignore tracking.  The weight of doing it is bad for me right now....and something is obviously working without tracking!!!  Let's just  hope and pray it stays that way!!!!

The other change in my routine (other than work...) is that I caved and have begun to drink matcha tea in the morning.   Now let me backtrack and put it out there that I hate the taste of tea.   So I drink this stuff mixed with flavoring packs.....and I still cringe when I drink it.  But I promised to give it the hung ho go....and weight is dropping.   There are reports that matcha helps boost metabolism and helps lose weight.  Hmmmmmmm. Maybe that's been the key!!!!!    I guess I will continue drinking this stuff for a while!!!!

Exercise....mainly weekend activities still.   But I have been walking on my two 15 minute breaks and my lunch break.  I've talked my coworker into adding steps to our walking routine, so we slip into the movie theater and walk up the double flight of stairs in the lobby on every break that we walk  (she I sometimes let her off the hook on the last break!).  I have also talked her into an activity for the next rainy day.   Ride the elevator to the lobby and climb up the steps to our floor!   Weee fun!   I'm not sure how long it will take us to climb up to our we will try it on our 30 minute lunch.....and if we lose steam on the way up?  The only floors we can exit onto are the floors where our badges give us entrance...the floors we work on.. or the lobby if we make it half way and peter out, the only option is to keep going up or go back to the lobby.   My co-worker is desperately praying for sun!!!



Sarah said...

Congrats on the loss. I love the walking/extra steps plan. Wish I was there to walk with you.

Whatever you are doing seems to be working for now. I'd stick with it until it stops working.

Lori said...

Congratulations! Keep on doing what you're doing! Even if you can't pinpoint what it is! ☺

jesseybell said...

Awesome job!

I definitely find that I do better when I don't track! I know tracking is key, but it also makes me feel like i am on a diet, which ends up in failure. I am not sure what is a good balance. I think I need to go back to writing what I am eating but not necessarily writing amounts - so if a chocolate bar ends up in my mouth, I write it down so I am accountable to myself but not trying to deal with calories or Points.

Shelley said...

You are making me laugh with how you're dragging your coworker on these extra step walks! Love it!!!

jen said...

I get my extra steps at work by going the long way around to everywhere I have to go...they sure add up!!

Unknown said...

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