Monday, July 31, 2017

Bad brings good

Well July is almost in the history books.    My weight....well it stayed the the high end of my little current weight range.   I'm not happy....but I know that I didn't exercise like I should have and I also know that I had some badness that creeped into my daily routine (can I say king size Reece's cups?)

I am working to clean it up.   I stopped the Reece's cups....and have tried to add some more veggies and fruits!!!   This week we decided to make a big batch of bean salad for the week (super healthy and nutritious!!!)

And I have strawberries, nectarines, fresh pineapple and cherries!   Yummy!!!    

It was actually interesting.   We were in the grocery store and the bad stuff wasn't at all tempting....but fruit and veggies sounded and looked Aaaahhhh-mazing!!!   Our bodies were telling us what we needed to eat!!!

 I probably won't make my 10 pounds gone by August 7th.  I will be lucky if I show any kind of loss at all!!!  But you know what???  That's ok!     Sometimes we have to have a colossal failure before we can move on and have a wonderful success!!!!

My mileage for July.   I am definitely over budget on the necessary miles that I needed in order to not fall further behind.   In fact I will actually work off some of my decicit of miles that I need for the year.   I will definitely have my final numbers when the month is over!

This weekend we relaxed a bit on Saturday.  It was a long week for both of us and we needed to just sit back and 'be'.   We did go to the Cacapon State Park Resort.  Neither of us had ever visited. However we had both heard about it.   So since we were driving through the area we stopped.   It is pretty!  Cabins...a lodge...nature galore!!!!   We will probably go back to stay for a weekend!!!!

  On Saturday we were out on our bikes.    I don't know what happened but from the get go my legs felt like lead weights!!!!   I pushed on thinking that they would loosen up!  No they didnt.  Bike mile 10 or 11 they were aching.   By mile 14 my wrists were sore also.   I managed but I was ready to be done....and my grand plans to do a 25-30 mile ride were put on hold.   15 was plenty!   (Conversely...Jason was exhausted and kept talking about how he just wanted to take a who knows what our problem was yesterday!!!

Maybe our problem was that this week there was no mud!!!!  

It's been the year of many turtles crossing the trails in front of us!!!

All that said we still had smiles on our faces as we enjoyed the gorgeous weather together!!!


Rebooting Myself said...

Glad you were able to get some activity in at least this weekend! That's always good! That salad looks yummy! I'm trying to get back in the habit of more veggies as well.

TheAgonyOfBeingFat said...

Sometimes it's nice to not always be focused on our weight and to just enjoy our lives! It sounds like you had a good weekend :)

Sarah said...

Good weekend. Sounds like you took the time to get refocused.

Love all the turtles you've seen this summer.

I think July was hard for a lot of us.

Lynn said...

That bean salad looks really good. Your adventures are always so interesting.

jen said...

yummy...that salad looks deeevine ....