Friday, June 09, 2017

The elephant in the room

Which elephant do I speak of?????

On Monday I got my road bike out of storage....
Yup.  I was excited.   I looked at it.  I didn't ride it.  I pumped up the tires which were flatter than a pancake!!!

Tuesday I looked at it...but didn't ride it.  The tires looked good...held air just fine!

Wednesday ....... I looked at it.   Tire pressure a-ok, but maybe I should wait an extra day to make sure that the tire's were not dry rotted and were capable of holding air for a few days straight!

Thursday.....I wonder where my bike shoes are....hmm ok right where I thought they were.   Let me check that air pressure!!!!

Friday.   Air pressure looks good and I'm off work maybe I should go ride!   Oh wait...I am out of cracked corn for the ducks.  Better go get some more!!!

Yes that is how my week went!!!    I was so excited to get my road bike but then fear took hold of me.

I have been riding my trek a lot with Jason so I knew that at least my legs were somewhat conditioned to riding.   But I know from experience that my road bike was a whole other beast.   

I knew that my arms would be sore.   I knew that my abs would be sore.   I knew I would be uncomfortable.   And quite frankly, the clipped pedals scare the living daylights out of me!  

The sore arms and the sore abs are just going to today I overrode that excuse!!

The clipped pedals?   Well they only scare me because I'm not used to them...and you DO have to remember that you are attached to your bike or it could be ugly.    But I've been trying to not let my fears rule me!!!   And not riding my sweet road bike because I'm afraid of the pedals?   How silly is that?   

(As a side note...yes I could put flat pedals on the bike, but wouldn't that be giving in to my fear!??)

So after getting the cracked corn, I came home and geared up....and out I went.

My legs hurt (kinda weird since I have been riding...just my other bike).

My wrists hurt.  

My arms don't hurt...yet.

I didn't go far or long.   I forgot my cellphone...and thus didn't want to be too far from home.   Plus Jason and I plan on riding this weekend (I'll be on my trek) and I don't want to burn my legs and body out and then not be able to ride with him.    But I faced those first miles.   I heard my shoes click into the pedals and I rode....and I stopped at each and every intersection, unclipping and setting my foot onto the ground...because repetition will help me get used to clipping in and releasing!!!


Is she still the white elephant?   Yeah...kind of.  But the scariness faded a bit!!!!!


Lynn said...

Yay for getting out there and facing fears!

Anonymous said...

You did it, good for you. It may not have been far or long but it was a start.

Sarah said...

You go girl! Best way to eat an elephant is one bite (or ride) at a time.

TheAgonyOfBeingFat said...

Woohoo! Ride that elephant!

jesseybell said...

Congrats on overcoming your fear and getting out there!

Clip pedals scare the crap out of me. My current bike doesn't have them, but if I am going to try my hand at Triathlons, then I need a road bike and clip pedals.

Hope you had a great weekend (on your Trek!)

Rebooting Myself said...

Yass! Way to get out there and get it done!