Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Curve ball

This journey toward health and a thinner healthier happy body is so difficult!   Sometimes I want to scream!  Ok many times I want to scream!!!!!

So in my post from the beginning of the week I talked about how last week was a total flop in terms of my monthly goals.   Yeah....well more about that.   The April goals....

1. Lose weight....I am exactly the same as I was on May first!   At least it's not a gain!!!

2.  Track everything and stay within a certain range.   The first week of the month?  Yeah I tracked..breakfast most days but after that it went downhill.    This week I have tracked and while my eating hasn't been perfect, I've done fairly well
Monday: 1623 calories...I ran so I did earn a few extra calories....but it was the ice cream that popped me over my 1200-1500 range.
Tuesday:  1426 calories.   Spot on!!!!!
Wednesday (thus far and the planned lunch in my lunch box): 695 ...leaving 505-805 for dinner.   Very doable!!!

With my eating ice lately been on a cereal for breakfast kick....Special K and yummy!!!

3.  20 miles of running for the month.   I'm at about not too awesome.  But that's two 2.5 mile runs so that is better than none!!!

4.  Strength training...I have one little session under my belt!   I did move my living quarters around so I have more space so hopefully I can dig into that challenge more easily!!

5.  2017 miles in 2017.   This was the one thing I did spectacular on during the first week.  I completed 40.50 miles for that first week.   Right on target with what I needed.  Then this week hit and I only have 11.66 miles this far for the week. Giving me 52.16 miles.   It is the tenth of the month.   By the 15 I should have a bare minimum of 86 miles.   That's 33 miles in 4 days.  Doable on a bike....doable with a lot of walking.   But threw me a curveball!  

The curveball???? I've gotten spoiled.  Very spoiled.  Jason has been between jobs and I have enjoyed it.   It has been nice with my crazy ever changing schedule!   Since he hasn't been working, when I get off at 12...2...4 or whenever we have either gone hiking or biking.  It's been a real boon to the 2017 in 2017 challenge.     I knew it was going to come to an end....(sadly neither of us are independently wealthy and thus we must work).    This week he went back to work. Uhhh yeah....first and foremost I'm lonely!!! It's weird not seeing him as much.  But I lost my biking/walking buddy!    Right  now his body is adjusting to a different type of work and a different schedule in his we have seen each other for a few minutes only each night.   Once he adjusts I'm sure we will be back in the saddle.  But right now I'm kinda lost and twisting in the wind!   

Right now I'm trying to figure out how to fill those hours productively.   Because the first item of business is my emotions...yeah I am totally missing those extra hours with him.  So yesterday I weeded and mulched the front flower beds.   Today I was going to try to finish the side beds but it's supposed to be rainy the rest of the week so I may alter the plans and mow today.   I work late tomorrow so that will be fine....Saturday is a 2pm off work day...I'm thinking about going to a goodwill that I heard is really good...but it's kinda way out of my way.    Just staying busy and or productive is my plan.  For next week when I have two 2pm end of days I have  thoughts of grabbing some geocaches....and maybe pulling my road bike out of storage and doing some road riding (and/or starting to store my trek at home and not at Jason's place).  I also have thought about bringing my running clothes and running on the battlefield or canal down here In old stomping/running routes.   Whatever I's a thing that I need to stay busy!!! (At least until I get used to the new norm!)

I know though for me...pushing myself to ride by myself is difficult.   I wimp out and don't go...or I start out and my legs are heavy so I only ride 5 miles (if that).   Same with walking.   With Jason I push through!   Yeah that's lazy of me to admit it isn't it????

So a giant curveball.   I knew it was going to come eventually....but it's here now and I'm feeling lost!!!!  


jesseybell said...

Sorry about the curve ball. But Jason working is a good thing in terms of $$ :) But it seems like you have good plans to combat the hours without him.

Sarah said...

How is it that our journeys seem to be aligned? R has been in the hospital for a week. The hospital is over 2 hours away and I had to stay home. Missing him and worried about him. I have the time to stay active, just not the mindset right now. Doing the best I can.

Sounds like you have a great plan.

Goal of Losing said...

It's good to stay busy, like you did with the weeding and mulching! That's exercise, too!

TheAgonyOfBeingFat said...

It's definitely easier to exercise when you have someone there to push you along. Maybe Jason will make you hike extra hard next time y'all go out:)

Anna said...

Schedule changes are so tough. When my husband tarted getting up super early to workout before work, it meant he was going to bed before me. At first, I just wandered around the house not know what to do...I was lonely. I still don't love the schedule but at least I am find a few productive things to do. Like getting back to my poor neglected blog :) Hope you adjust quickly and find new times/ways to connect with your guy.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is hard losing that pace and being pt in a new groove but look at it as a challenge and yeah maybe you havent met all of your goals bt you havent quit either. And I dont know about others but gardening and weeding can be one heck of a workout. :-)

Unknown said...

A beloved mentor, who was also a doctor prior to her recent passing, finally cornered me and said, "It's major depressive disorder exercise or some pretty potent drugs. You choose. " The last thing I felt like I wanted to do was exercise; my aversion to Big Pharma, however, won out.

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