Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Sarcasm alert

Wow!  My weigh in was fantastic today!   I couldn't be any happier!  Seriously!  I mean, who wouldn't be happy with a point 8 pound weight gain!!  Yahoo!!!    Yes 8/10ths of a pound!  Yes there is the sarcasm!!!

Ok.  Looking at it realistically...I'm NOT happy!   I don't want any weight gain!  I can hope that it was simply an anomaly if not drinking enough water yesterday....or something super salty in my diet!  I had been showing a maintain all week long and then this morning...bam a gain!   And let's be honest...I wasn't all that happy with a maintain either!!!

I know where I can and need to cleanup my eating.   I'm doing pretty good for breakfast and lunch but then hit dinner hungry and well I just eat too much.   Still not to bad in the grand scheme of things but too much to lose weight (obviously!)

I need to kick up exercise also!!!  I am trying to pick up more steps but I need to kick it up another notch!!!  Big time!!!


TheAgonyOfBeingFat said...

Ugh. Sorry, girl:( next week will be better!

jesseybell said...

But you weighed in! I would have weighed myself at home and then not go and weigh in. And that is how i re-gained all 50 pounds :(

jen said...

Exercise is the key for me….

Anonymous said...

Have you had an RMR test done recently? If your not eating enough you won't lose body fat.