Monday, January 23, 2017

Hello Old Friend

Hello old's been a long time!!!  What old friend do I speak of??  Why my hiking boots of course!!

Yes Jason and I planned to hike this weekend!   We woke up to fog and mist on Saturday morning.  We didn't let it stop us....we hopped on the Appalachian Trail at Keys Gap which is a bit south of Charles Town,WV.    It was pretty much not raining when we started out...but it was foggy!!!  Really foggy!!   The fog was almost mimicking rain though.  All in all it was a delightful first hike of the year...and first hike in a few months!!!

We were so happy to be back outside!!

Our legs actually handled the hike pretty well.   We even had it in us to go swimming st the hotel that night!!!

On Sunday we headed to the Shenandoah National Park...the skyline drive.   It was foggy again...really foggy on the skyline drive!!!  It wasn't raining though!   We crossed our fingers because they were calling for rain!!!!

We hiked the Overrun Falls Trail.   Like most way is down and one way is up.   This trail was down first. (Boo cuz I prefer to climb first!)  I took a fall within the first mile!   Ouch!  It always amuses me how you can get a brush burn and open cuts inside your pants...but the pants remain intact with no tears!   I could feel the sting of the brush burn in my knee but knew that intrinsically I was ok to go we kept heading down!  (My elbow and sides were ok because I was wearing a teeshirt, a sweatshirt and a jacket!).     The fog began to lift a bit!!

And finally 3-4 miles DOWN...we came to the falls!

My coat had been stripped by that point!!!  Exertion does that!!

There was a small path down the side to the bottom of the falls but considering it was wet (fog and at that point light rain) we decided not worth it!  

We headed back up...3 miles and some change straight up!!  Ok there were some switchbacks here and there...and some straight up places!!!  I was whipped!   By the time we got to the car my legs were jello!!!

We got in to drive home.   The fog at the top had only intensified as the evening approached!   It was so bad that at places I couldn't see more than 20 feet ahead of the car...yes I drove slow!!!

Here is an overlook....taken a year ago.....

And an overlook taken yesterday!

So while I was out hiking this weekend I drew my line in the sand.  Last week I aimed for two runs...and I accomplished them.  This week I wanted to complete three runs!   My work schedule kind of dictates my running schedule...and to easily get in three runs I needed to run Monday, Wednesday and Friday.   I shared my plans and challenge with jason!   It was out there, no turning back now!!!

Monday morning....

Ethel (my cat....she has been crying loudly in the middle of the night recently awakening me)  woke me up at 4AM...I struggled to get back to sleep...eventually I did...but then overslept.  I woke up at 7:44....and I have to leave for work at 9ish. That's 1 hour and 15 run, shower eat breakfast and get ready for work.   

No hesitation.   I jumped out of bed and threw on running clothes and I was out the door by 8AM!!

**It was raining!

**My knees ached ...especially the one I fell upon!

**It wasn't an awesome run.   

**It was slow!!!

**I did it!!!!!

**I ache!!!!

**I arrived at work with wet hair slapped into a braid!!!

**One down...three to go!!

2017 in 2017.

I am still moving and trying to get as many steps in as possible!  I didn't hit my weekly goal/necessary miles last week.  I was about 3-5 miles off what I needed!   But that's better than the first two weeks!!!  

At the end of Saturday I should have had 116.55 miles...I only had 84.52 miles.   That is a deficit of 32.03 miles.   Yup...I need two or three decent bike rides to catch up!!!

And as of right now I have 10.9 for this week .....I'm dead on target for this week!  Yeah yeah yeah, weekdays are sooo hard to get my necessary miles!!!  But no worries...biking and hiking and 3-4 runs a week will catch me up and keep me caught up!!!  

Food intake is important, but for me exercise is king!   Exercise allows me to coexist with this addiction ..this food addiction that is buried inside me!  It covers me when I indulge...but conversely when I'm really active I tend to eat healthier!!!

Today a customer brought in some pastries.  I looked at them and took a half of a cheese danish.  Yes, a half!  That in itself is a victory!!!  I got back to my desk and took a bite.  I won't lie.  It was good, but I kept thinking about the hikes...and the run.   And suddenly the danish kind of lost its pull.   I contemplated throwing it away.  I struggled with that thought for a while...but finally settled on eating half of what I had taken.....a quarter of the danish. I threw the rest away. (Yeah I ate the cheese part..what of it???). 

What swayed my decision to go ahead and indulge with the quarter of the danish?   I knew my lunch was ultra healthy!!!!

And do you know what?  I feel proud of myself!!!


TheAgonyOfBeingFat said...

Omg! You onl ate a quarter of a cheese Danish?!??! That's fabulous. Also, good job on hiking in the fog. Was it scary?

Lynn said...

Ahhh...Hiking trails without snow. Looking forward to that, but it'll be several months for us here.

jen said...

Well done…a pat on the back to you.

Love all those hiking pics of yours, do you wear a fitbit, your steps must be impressive if you do.

BEE said...

awesome pics .. i <3 hiking!! great mileage

Lori said...

Love hearing about your hike and the beautiful trails! Good job on the are a stronger woman than I am 😉

Anonymous said...

Love the pics and you should be proud of yourself

Anonymous said...

Oh my god I love the pics and your died as you ate a quarter of a cheese.......You are just mind blowing?

jaise said...

You are really amazing. I love the pics of this blog. Thanks for the post

maira said...

You are amazing and mind blowing. Thanks for sharing this blog.