Thursday, December 29, 2016

Lofty or realistic??

Well I'm not feeling as crazy out of control as I was last week!   I managed to make it through the Christmas week between my Wednesday weigh ins  with a maintain.  I will take it!!!

I am splurging a bit this week....there is a cookie that my mom only makes at Christmas that she just made for me!   I've been after her to make them and she just did!  (Thank you mommy!!!)   But I'm going to try to moderate my intake.   Luckily one of mom's customers also loves these cookies so he got half the batch (apparently he doesn't share his with his family ...these cookies are that awesome!!)

This past weekend I had thoughts of popping into myfitnesspal to keep my streak alive...but I totally forgot and I lost my streak.  I was over a year of logins!   It's sad to let it go....but in a way I'm happy.  It was a total false streak!  Out of those 400 days I probably only logged 1/4 of them...maybe half!!!!   I wish I could turn that stupid streak thing's pressure!!!!   I'm sure I will be logging soon enough and the streak will begin again and the pressure will mount as the streak grows.  In the meantime I'm just sitting back and enjoying not worrying about that stupid streak!!!!!

So this morning I saw someone that has challenged themselves to walking 2017 miles in the year 2017.  That's 5.52 miles a day or 168 miles a month!   That's a LOT!!!   Ok before I start talking myself out of this...they say aim for 10k steps a day.   That's roughly 5 miles right there.  Maybe I really should invest in that Fitbit to be able to count all those random steps.....hmm or just count the actual walks, hikes, runs and bike rides.

***In the summer jason and I walked a lot in the evenings it was easy for us to knock out between 3 and 6 miles in an evening.

****In the winter spring and fall  we hiked a was average for us to do 8-10 mile hikes.  

*** we have been biking and that racks up the miles fast!!  (We are talking about doing a through ride on the canal one long weekend...that's 184 miles in one weekend!!  Plus we will be riding a lot in preparation for the big ride!)

***running. There is 40-50 miles a month with simple 3-4 mile runs.

***if I walk on my lunch break there is a mile....times each day of the week gives me five miles a week....25 a month.  

Yes...this is actually doable!!!!

So I guess I have started laying out my plans for 2017!!! I may as well finish now!!!

Plans and goals for 2017

  1. Propel myself 2017 miles
  2. Get to my goal weight (50 pounds to lose give or take)
  3. Exercise consistently to rebuild my fitness levels.


TheAgonyOfBeingFat said...

My first instinct was to ask for mom's cookie recipe. Hahahah. But I sure don't need it :)

Sure, 2017 miles is a big goal, but you can still do it! Shoot for the moon and land among the stars....

Lynn said...

You can do that, especially with all the hiking you and Jason do.

jen said...

Happy New year to you and yours…
And btw that goal is very achievable…you can do it...

Out of my head said...

You can do that. It is a great goal

Would love to see a picture of this cookie :-)

Diane said...

Okay - I just have to know - what kind of cookies did your mom make that are that darned good?

Cathy said...

I totally understand about the myfitnesspal streak! I'm on day 460, but less than half of that is true tracking. However, I am truly tracking now. Maybe I should have started my streak over when I started truly tracking, but it would have been so hard to let go of those 270 days of half-assed tracking. ;-)