Tuesday, November 15, 2016


Where to begin...... November 2 was the last time I wrote.

My vacation began starting on November 4th.   I actually drug myself out and went running that first day.  It wasn't a fabulous run but I did it!     

My vacation was pretty low key.   We went away on the first weekend and did some shopping...some relaxing....some hanging out together.  Nothing too exciting.  My food intake was pretty steady....not exactly healthy but not too bad.  

We walked about 2 miles or so each day.  Yes. Very relaxing!

I actually walked an average of 2 miles each day of my vacation with one day getting in a 7 miles walk on the canal!)

On Wednesday early (super early) I drove my parents to Baltimore where my father had surgery to remove the cancer (the cancer or origination...we have more procedures for the places where the cancer spread).  It was a looooooong day.  (18 hours or so from beginning to end).  Lots of sitting in waiting rooms.   I did snack on foods that I had put in my bag (cheeZ-it's, almonds and sugar wafers). But for lunch I got a turkey sandwich and a big cup of fruit (mom and I shared the fruit cup since she loves Honeydo and I don't!!!).  

The doctor was very happy with the surgery and the fact that he is confident that the cancer is gone!   Now we (dad and mom mostly) just have to get used to the ramifications of the surgery.

A day of home running around and another day at the hospital...and that is where my eating took a nose dive.  On Friday at the hospital I started the day with a cheese Danish...then for lunch mom and I each got sandwiches and split them (so half a ham and cheese and half a turkey club).  That wasn't so bad but mom and I saw the desserts and couldn't resist sharing a cupcake and a red velvet cookie.   Then some people came to visit dad and brought cookies from the great cookie....and well dad was still on a liquid diet so I couldn't let those cookies go to waste could I???   I left the hospital that night about 6....and I was so tired that unjust picked up a little Caesars pizza for my dinner when I got back to Hagerstown.  I only ate half...and some ice cream!

Saturday I had the rest of the pizza for brunch!   And dad came home!  I wasn't needed at home so I skedaddled out of there (I made sure that the house was clean for visiting guests and that mom and dads laundry was all caught up...done and carried up the two flights of steps!)

My eating over the last weekend wasn't great...French fries (twice) Mac and cheese...Chinese...pizza again...just not healthy!  One day i had so much for lunch that I was physically ill!   Or maybe I had a touch of something..who knows!!!  We still had fun that day though....look we are both smiling even though my guts felt like they were ripping from my body!!! (We both weren't feeling good that day)

I did try to turn it around a bit on Monday and when we went to lunch I got a simple grilled cheese....applesauce and some Harvard beets.....and then without thinking added fries.  But at least I got some healthy stuff down my gullet...right???  And for dinner...my 'last supper' before returning to work I had a turkey sub....better caloric ally speaking than the Italian bmt!)

So I'm trying to clean it up!!!

On a good note....I've tried pomegranate juice before but never the actual fresh fruit.  This weekend was my first try at the real deal.   They seeds are quite tasty!!

I have no clue what I weigh....I feel bloated and icky (that could be from the monthly ick though!).  I will step on the scales tomorrow!   (First time in two weeks!)

So an eye opening week...a crazy week...some tiring days...some relaxing days...some sick days...a little of everything all rolled into one!!!

No running over the vacation but I plan to hit it hard starting tomorrow....I have 20 miles to knock out this month and in only 4.5 miles in!!!!

So one last picture....I'm getting sooo spoiled!  I rarely have to do this stuff anymore!   It is so foreign to me after my ex-marriage.  Just makes me smile..... It feels good to be taken care of....appreciated....and most importantly loved!  (Must be love since he left me take a picture...grudgingly! Hahaha)


Darcy Winters said...

It's very hard to stay on track when someone you love is in the hospital. I think you have done very well all things considered! We went on vacation the week before Halloween. Did a lot of walking and I pulled a tendon. So...having to slowly ease back into it AGAIN. Hope your father is doing okay!

Shelley said...

It's VERY hard to eat right when your parent is in the hospital, and I'll be the wheels coming off part afterward was a bit of stress being released. That was a tough time; don't beat yourself up over it. Hope your dad is doing well now.

BTW, love that shot of Jason pumping gas - my kind of guy!

jen said...

Hope you Dad is doing ok now.

Well done on the walking...here's to a new start again tomorrow

KB said...

It's tough to stay on track with exercise and eating when you are going through family health issues. Try not to be too hard on yourself and take care of you. I totally understand where you are coming from about the marriage thing. My first husband was a control freak and it wasn't until I met my second husband that I realised how wonderful marriage can be.