Monday, October 31, 2016

End of the month recap

I didn't run in October.   I didn't run a single mile.  Guess I didn't even come close to any mileage goalie the month.   But let's be honest...I didn't set any either!!!!

My weight is hovering in that same 3 pound range and as of my last weigh in was hovering at the high end.

Let's be honest...after my food consumption this weekend (week) I will be shocked if it's still within that range...even barely!   Yes I aim for 1200-1300 calories. (Typically)   I haven't been too bad...1600 or so lost days...but Saturday...I went to breakfast with a friend...and ordered the cinnamon stack pancake thing at Bob Evans.  And yes syrup!  Yeah...over 1k on calories right there!   I was full and didn't really want lunch...but got an Italian soda....170 calories.   Dinner was pizza (two slices and wings...only three wings...and some blue cheese). 750 calories.  Then we got Ben and jerry's ice cream....and I ate almost the whole container (of course we got our own containers!!)...over 1k calories there!  That means I ate over three thousand calories!!!!  Ouch!!!

Oh wait...the silver lining????  I tracked!!!

So November....running?  I have some vacation time. Like a week and a half and then a really long weekend later)....and the holiday.  There is a chance that dad may be having surgery...we are assuming that's the next step...we will know more after the next appointment with the surgeon.   Realistically if I'm off work and staying at home getting a run in is easy!  But I know that Jason and I will be out and about....and if we are away (which we plan on being some nights) then running is much more difficult.   And if I am home but we are hooking up to hike or bike...well then running will be pushed aside.   So I don't want to place a super high goal this month...40 miles was a stretch before.  Not having run in the last month AND a crazy month ahead of me could make 40 a totally inachievable goal!  There are 14 days I will be scheduled to work in November. At least 4 of those will be early starts which makes running likely to not happen.   That gives me 10 days....2 miles each of those days is 20 miles.....and that will be harder if dad has surgery in November!    So my goal is 20!!!!!

20 miles!!!!  I can do this!!!!  (And if I do happen to hit a much higher number...I will just have to celebrate!!!! )

This last weekend we ended up taking it a bit easier....sinus pressure for one but also a slight stomach problem.  (It passed but we didn't want to push our luck!).  So we did some antiquing...some roaming and bike shopping (Jason is planning on buying a new bike very soon...which is why I mentioned biking earlier in this post....which reminds if my bikes needs to come out of storage ASAP so I can make sure she is in working order!!).  We drove home and decided to take the ferry across the river.

And we walked about 6 miles on the canal...

A good weekend!!


Shelley said...

Sounds like you're figuring out what you want to do, food-wise and exercise-wise. I know you liked biking in the past and with Jason purchasing a bike, this could be the start of some really fun adventures for you two! :)

Lynn said...

That ferry is so cute, only room for a few cars!

Anna said...

20 miles sounds totally doable. I liked reading your process for determining your goal. It is so important to be realistic and mindful setting goals. You can do it :)

TheAgonyOfBeingFat said...

Good luck on your 20-mile goal! At least it'll be cooler outside now and that always makes exercise seem less daunting. At least for me anyway.