Wednesday, September 28, 2016


Somehow I held on and had loss this week. 227.0 pounds.   I know it is a combination of the ick moving onward and the fact that I ate really lightly last night.    

Yes I know for some odd reason my emotions were on edge last night.  Let's just say that falling in love and risking my heart again has been an emotional roller coaster....i am ecstatically happy but I have days where I fear him walking away and breaking my heart....I guess that's natural!  Luckily they are now few and far between...but when they come they ache!!! 

Here is the thing.    Yesterday for lunch I had a packet of belvita breakfast bars (I've been eating them for lunch) and an orange...and dinner a pb&j.   I should have been hungry....but I actually was just fine without more food.   Thank heavens for emotions and a cat weighing me down and keeping me in my chair!!!   Makes me wonder how much food we eat that we really honestly have absolutely no need for!!!

It's hard to not eat food when it's there and available....and when we are bored...stressed...or any array of emotions!  Last night my lethargy caused by emotions and my old cat Ethel in my lap disallowing me to get up without a grumpy cat in my hands helped me make this realization.   But that was one night   I wish I knew how to easily stop and get it under control....because I can say that while I had my epiphany about the pb&j being enough To really satisfy me, I know that when push comes to shove if I sit back tonight and am confronted with will probably have a different end result.  


JenBsJourney said...

Good kitty!

I KNOW I eat when I'm not hungry. Sometimes I'm bored, or other times, it just "sounds good" or I think I deserve it. Other times it IS crazy cravings. I find when I'm sitting at my desk/computer, I feel the need to snack on something. Luckily I'm not sitting at my desk much.

Keep it up, and I totally understand the stress!

Darcy Winters said...

Congrats on the loss! :-)

finding lori said...

It's so hard when food is EVERYWHERE!! So glad you are so happy!! Keep positive :)

jen said...

Well done on the loss.
Emotions factor big in my weight loss journey…its learning not to eat them !!

Suzanne said...

not sure what happened to my comment but I am so happy to see you enjoying life. I haven't been blogging much but wanted to stop by and do some catch up reading. You are doing a great job and look awesome !!