Friday, August 12, 2016

Voices in My Head

The voice in my head were loud and clear today during my run....and the voices were not pretty.......

* Why bother aren't losing any weight
*  Turn around hurts
* It's hot
* This is a waste of your time!

Yeah, those things went through my head and so many more ugly nasty phrases.   I know a lot of the negativity was because the numbers on the scales are just holding tight and not going down.  I"m exercising and moving a LOT!   I'd think the numbers would be dropping.  But NOT!   Yeah  yeah yeah.  I know...weight is lost in the kitchen and not the gym.  And I also will say that after a run....or a long hike...or whatever that I am ravenous!   Starved.  It's crazy!  And it's hard to combat that!   But I have to figure it out!

So the run?   I had to do roughly 3.7 miles today in order to meet my weekly goal of 10 keep me on track for my monthly goal of 40 miles for this month.  It was a struggle from the get go.  I had planned on at least 4 miles.  I wanted to call it quits so bad and just do 2 or 2.5 miles...but I knew that I would be more than a mile off my weekly mileage and that would upset me  So I kept going...pushing for the 4 plus miles.  Well...eventually I decided doing the 3.5ish that I needed would be fantastic.    And then it went down to ......3 miles would be a victory....and be enough to keep me 'in the running' for my monthly goal.  I knew that there are a few days leftover at the end of the month so that if I run 10 miles for 4 weeks I would have 3 days or so that would be 'extra' to make up for any missed mileage.  So I wasn't TOO concerned..

3.21 hard fought miles were completed today.

My first thought when I was done?   Dangit!  .45 miles short of my weekly goal.

The hotel we are staying in this weekend has a fitness center.....maybe I will hit it up for a few short minutes before hopping into the pool to knock out a half mile......or maybe I will just be thankful that I was a half mile over last that I am technically a little over 20 miles in for the month ...which is RIGHT ON TARGET!

Either way......running today and completing 3 miles was a victory!


Shelley said...

Everyone has those "bargaining" runs - good job knocking out 3+ miles!

TheAgonyOfBeingFat said...

That is a hard earned 3.21 run! Good job on making it so close to your weekly goal. :)