Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Skinny & Co

In my blog I have written a post or two about my hair and being concerned because it seemed to be falling out at a MAD rate...   I have pondered so many thoughts about why my hair seemed to be just dropping from my head like crazy.   I tried medicated shampoos....I've tried to not wear my hair up in clips and pony tails as often.....I started to be more religious about taking my multivitamin......I've tried to up my consumption of fruits and veggies.   It just seemed to have no affect.

Some of the websites advised to use coconut oil on hair to help restore the balance and the health to hair.  I thought about it but just never got around to getting out to buy any product.  So in late June when I was contacted by Skinny & Co. to try some of their coconut products I jumped at the chance.  I was super excited...because at that point my hair was still falling out a LOT!
I waited anxiously for the product.   Almost a full month passed.   Miraculously, in that month my hair started to restore itself.   It was a gradual thing that I didn't notice at first becuase I was still obsessed with the fact that my pony tails (when I went running or hiking) were feeling thinner.  But eventually I actually brought it up with Jason.   We discussed it and we both agreed that the  hair that had plagued us (he had for months laughed about having enough hair clinging to his clothes and belongings that he had enough to make a wig) had definitely eased up.   Ironically enough we had that discussion on a Friday night....and when I got home?   Voila...there was my next miracle cure for my hair woes.

I was still excited.  There was still an obvious imbalance of Ph or something going on with my hair.  Maybe this would solve the problem and keep the hair in place (because having a relapse of mad hair loss is something I do NOT want to have happen!).  

I opened the box and checked out my product.   I had gotten the shampoo bar.   

Yes, a shampoo bar!   As per the instructions....lather it up in your hands and use the lather to wash your hair.

I looked forward to my next shower so that I could use the shampoo.   
It was kind of weird to lather up from a bar of soap to wash my hair...but surprisingly it produced a good amount of lather and I was able to get my head all sudsy.   For my longer hair I did have to lather twice....once for the top of my head and scalp and the other time for the rest of my hair.  It washed just like normal....  

Immediately I could tell that my hair had a weird 'feel'.   I thought that maybe it was just because this shampoo had cleaned out impurities or something.  I thought about using some conditioner.....but decided that using a shampoo that was cleaning impurities out of my hair would be counter productive if I just slathered my head with conditioner immediately afterward.

Oh my word.....bad decision.   Brushing my hair the rest of the day was just murder.  My hair had a gummy sticky feeling to it.  It just felt nappy.

Undetered, I grabbed the shampoo bar the next time I was in the shower.  It still had a weird feel after I was done shampooing my hair (not was bad as the first shampoo though)....but this time I conditioned.   And my hair felt fine afterward.    Each day of using the shampoo my hair has felt much less 'off'.....so maybe my hair was just really messed up and is taking a while to straighten out.

My only complaint?  By the evening, my hair feels more greasy and heavy than normal....but maybe that is just the healthy balance of my hair righting itself!!!!  

If you want to try the products.... visit https://www.skinnyandcompany.com/     You can get 15% off by using the code SKINNYCO15

A little about Skinny & Co.

 Skinny & Co. coconut oil and coconut oil products are 100% natural:

● Cold Processed: cold-processed oil, not just cold pressed. They use a patent-pending Nutralock System and never heat the oil above 97 degrees. It's the only 100% raw, alkaline coconut oil on the planet. Other coconut oils are acidic, but Skinny & Co.’s alkaline oil registers between 7.3 and 7.8 pH. All of their coconuts are hand picked and wild-harvested from the Ben Tre jungles in Vietnam. Their oil is truly tree to table!
● Five Ingredients or Fewer: all of their beauty products have five ingredients or less, are non-toxic and edible. *Why would you ever put something on your skin if you wouldn't put it in your body?
● 100% Raw, Alkaline: cold-processed from wild-harvested coconuts using a patent-pending Nutralock System. Never heated. Pure.
● From Tree to Table: no chemicals. No fillers. No Preservatives. Skinny coconuts are pesticide free and handpicked from the jungles of Vietnam.
● Health Benefits: Skinny only uses the highest quality ingredients to handcraft products that benefit your entire body. Non-toxic and edible.


Shelley said...

I wondered how the shampoo bar would feel...interesting to hear your experience with it!

Darcy Winters said...

I can't remember what I used, but I remember that "feel" after some shampoo I used. I couldn't even begin to comb through my hair, so that one was quickly abandoned. I'm using Ion products now from Sally's beauty supply. Very impressed with them and they seem to do a better job at hair repair than the stuff that I bought from the hair stylist!

Anonymous said...

I loved the blog