Wednesday, August 17, 2016


Today I stepped on the scales for my weekly weigh in.   I saw the number on the scales and I immediately stepped off. I stood in front of the mirror and I actually said to myself.  'I don't know what to do anymore'.  You see....I was up.   Two to three pounds up!  And in that short moment I felt helpless and the situation seemed hopeless!  Almost immediately I grabbed hold of myself...because let's be honest, I know what do do!

I didn't let the numbers on the scale deter me.... I put on my exercise clothes and headed out.   I had run on Monday. 3.85 miles...I needed to knock out at least 3 to keep myself on track with weekly miles so that I can reach my August target of 40 miles.   (Jason is already saying that next month I need to push it to 45 miles....we shall see!!).  Out I went this morning.   And I am happy to say that I achieved 4.25 miles.    I only have 1.9 miles left this week to reach my target!  Go me!!!

So here is my stats for the last week...

I thought quite a bit while I was running.  Lots of deep thoughts!

First and foremost I thought about my weight and my efforts. 

  So my first self revelation was the thought/remembrance that I have NEVER been able to eat my earned exercise calories and lose weight well.   It's a sad but true fact.  If you look at recent weeks...I eat those exercise calories and I haven't been losing.  Plain and simple. Cut the calories that I eat and I should start losing.   This one scares me because on running and big hike days (and sometimes the day afterward) I am hungry!  But I'm going to work on it.

 Secondly....Being brutally honest....chips have crept into my diet.  I've even had French fries on a few occasions. (more than I should and let's leave it at that).  I eat way too much macaroni and cheese.....way too many carbohydrates.   I have been working to up the fruits and veggies consumption but the bad stuff is there.    It's time to clean it up.   

Last nights walk saw 5 swans gliding over the water together.   The city park swans usually only travel solo or in pairs.


mxtodis123 said...

I really can empathize with you. Been there myself. I know how frustrating it is. So far I have lost 52.4 pounds, but I had hovered at 49 for months even though I knew I was doing everything right and many times just felt like giving up. But that would make me a different kind of loser. All I can say is, just keep plugging. The check is in the mail.

JenBsJourney said...

You know I'm with you! I struggle so much with the eating, but actually enjoy the exercise. Even with the two+ hours (Zumba, elliptical, and other things I get in)the scale just keeps creeping up. I do think exercise helps with weight loss, but just to a point. "They" (the experts) say you can't out-cardio your calories, can't out-train a bad diet. I keep trying, because the eating part is SO hard! And that ONE WHOLE week I kept calories in check (quantity if not quality) I still didn't lose. Arrrgg!

School starts on Monday, we'll see if the shift in schedules can shake anything up for me!

Unknown said...

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jen said...

I am struggling at the moment, darn key has had me out of action. Thus some over eating has crept in…..grrrrrr gotta get my head in the right space again….

Keep at it…

jen said...

that was meant to damn knee …. auto correct gets me again