Monday, August 01, 2016


It was another HOT HOT HOT weekend.   We decided to brave the heat.....not with a stenuous hike....but with a trip to the National Zoo.  Have I mentioned that it was hot?

We saw some animals....

And we tried to duck into as many buildings "animal houses" as possible to avoid the hot sun.   Luckily, when we were in the shade it was at least tolerable.  Stupidly, I wore my hair down for the just a short while into our visit I ended up buying a new hat! Why?  To get the sun off of my head and to help hold my hair away from my neck!    Plus, now when I run, I have two hats that I have picked up whilst out with Jason.....and it brings a smile to my face to put on a hat that is associated with good memories!

And walked a whole bunch of miles.  I tried to keep slamming the liquid so that I wouldn't end up horribly dehydrated.  (We actually both were slamming liquids before also so that we were totally hydrated before we even began).   I was a little dehyrdated but much better than last weekend.

We were tired as we headed home....but still got to see the sun set behind some pretty.

So this morning I woke up early......well rested.  I didn't want to run.  But Jason threw down the challenge and told me that there was no way that I was winning this weeks running challenge.  He acted like he had something up his I knew better than to let one of my 'go in late' work mornings go to waste!   I picked up my phone and let out a sigh of relief when I saw that the temperature was 71 degrees!  How awesome.  That should be a DELIGHTFUL run!   But then my eyes drifted down a few lines on the screen......  95% humidity.    My heart sank....I knew it wasn't going to be pretty.

I have recently been hanging around the 2.5 mile mark for my runs.  But that gauntlet was thrown down and I didn't want to come out week and end up starting the weeks challenge at a major I knew I was going to bump my mileage to 4 plus miles.  Boy.......what a day to do that with super high humidity.
It was slow. But I conquered it!!!   4.16 miles....TAKE THAT!   I even wore my new hat to do it!  (I forgot to take a picture...but that's probably for the best as I was whipped when I got back to the house!  

My weight is down a bit from last if I keep things under control I should do ok for my official weigh in.  Not down to new  territory on the scales.  (New as in anytime in very recent history).   But down.   I'll take it! 


Shelley said...

I ran today in 100% humidity, 77 degrees (at 5:45 am). Dare I say, it wasn't horrible? I think I'm getting used to it...and you will too. But I'm sure we both can agree, we'd much rather be running in 55 degrees with less humidity, sigh.

jesseybell said...

Awesome job running in the humidity - I've been avoiding it all summer :(

Lori said...

Beautiful pics of the animals! Great job with your run! Glad to read you are still running ☺👍

Lori said...

Beautiful pics of the animals! Great job with your run! Glad to read you are still running ☺👍