Thursday, June 16, 2016

Sneaky plans to run

Running this week is just being foiled at every turn!!!!   

I got a run in on Tuesday morning at 5:15 in the morning (yes in the morning...kinda shocked  me too!!).   My foot was bothering me this last weekend so unwanted to take it slow and easy.  I only ran about 2.5 miles.    Jason went running also on Tuesday (6 miles for him) so almost immediately I found myself 3.66 miles behind!!!  Grrrrr. 

Not a problem....I would just run another 5:15 run on Wednesday morning to catch up!   Wednesday morning was wiped out because my stomach was feeling icky.  (Ok and maybe also because I had stayed up watching a movie until midnight Tuesday night!.).  

Not a problem....I would run Wednesday night.....except I didn't get home until 8:20 and I was hungry!   Yes I could have run hungry and reheated my pizza up as a delicious post run meal but seriously that pizza smelled so deliciously garlicky, running stood no chance!!!

Thursday morning!!!!  I would wake up early and knock out a super long run!!!!  I didn't have to work until noon so it was perfect!!    I woke up.  I got dressed and I made it to the door.   BOOM!!!  Yeah I guess I forgot to check the weather!   Rain is one thing.....lightening is another! By the time the rain was over I was in the throes of a cat emergency.   (Ethel  is ok....but I was busy with that until literally minutes before I left for work!) 

It's supposed to rain and hail and tornado warnings for running outside is looking spectacularly washed out.    Arrrggghh!!!   Must I go to the gym (that I pay for and rarely use) tonight to run on the treadmill to make up these miles???  

The good thing is that Jason's plans to run have also been way-laid so he hasn't added more miles to totally blow me out of the water!  However has told me that he is definitely running tomorrow!  So I really do need to make up these 3.66 miles so that tomorrow I don't sink deeper into the loser abyss!  

I hate the treadmill!  But I hate losing! Even worse, I REALLY hate to lose by a landslide!   Oh why is this decision to go to the gym so painful!!!  (It would shock him to see the mileage pop up...which admittedly does make the gym idea a bit better!!)

And just in case you are wondering, it hasn't escaped me that my motivation is winning and not any overwhelming desire to run!!!   (Actually I do want to run....just outside! Wow, don't I sound whiny?!).   But do you know what?    Whatever motivates us at any given moment is what matters.  Next week I may run mad miles because I'm motivated by a PR at my next run.  Maybe I'll run extra miles to counter act a piece of pizza.   Or maybe I will run like the wind because I'm motivated to buy a new dress (I'm not a clothes horse so not likely!).   It doesn't matter!  It's motivation!

Motivation for me is like a rolling wave on the ocean.....ever changing shape and size.  Some weeks the 'wave' is huge and carries me.  Sometimes it's a flat surface and I sit still.  It also changes appearances.   Sometimes I am motivated by winning a competition, sometimes I am motivated by intrinsic desires to lose weight, sometimes I'm motivated by a record or a streak (i.e. I have been Tracking every day for the last two hundred some days days...I don't want to mess up the streak) a dress I want to fit into or a person in my life, or whatever!  It's ever changing and evolving!!  I have learned to roll with it!!

Right now, I just know I have to run like the wind TODAY or I may be irreversibly behind in the weekly mileage challenge!   Time will tell if that is enough to motivate me enough to get to the gym!!! 

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