Wednesday, April 13, 2016

It's amazing how things work sometimes!

First and foremost, let me say that I lost 9/10ths of a pound this last week!     I'll take it!!!!!   Especially since if I want to be brutally honest I admit that the end of last week was rough and I was showing up on the scales!    Weeee!   A loss!  

On Monday afternoon/evening after work I ran an errand or two before heading to meet Jason.   I was driving toward where we were hooking up.  I had to go to the bathroom and I was HUNGRY and I had a half hour or so to kill before meeting him!   I decided to stop at Burger King to attend to all of these issues.  Yeah I was meeting Jason but it was early and I knew we wouldn't grab dinner for a few hours.   This was a good plan, in my mind at least.   I would take the edge off my hunger so that I wouldn't eat like a starving child in some third world country when dinner time came!   See...good plan right?   Ok, so maybe Burger King Onion Rings weren't the best choice!  But that was my plan!

I trucked into the fast food joint and headed to the bathroom.  I pushed open the door.  My first thought was, 'wow that's odd...there is only one stall'.  And that when I noticed it.....a urinal!   Oops I entered the men's bathroom!  I backed out quickly and made my way to the proper rest room with a mixture of embarrassment and laughter filling my thoughts.    

Yeah...when I was done with my business, I looked at the workers and  the embarrassment won out.  I slunk out of the joint and back to my car!   I spent the spare time grabbing a geocache!

Saved by the urinal!   Besides, Jason hates onions....why ruin his end of any possible kisses that 'may' have happened when we saw each other!  

I have been caffeine free for a week now. It would have been a week but last Wednesday I had a wee little glass of diet soda.  No headaches this time around...I hadn't let the caffeine totally overtake my life again!    And in fairness, it's not the caffeine that I wanted to get rid of...but rather the diet soda and those nasty chemicals!   (No, I don't drink tea and I don't drink coffee so there really aren't any good viable substitutes that make caffeine free it is!).

Exercise is still pretty spotty.  We hiked last Wednesday...and walked a bit this weekend.  But other than that...nada.   I need to kick back into running!!!!  

Tracking?   Every bite!!!!   And my food is starting to line up with where I want my caloric intake to be!   I've beefed up the fruit and veggie consumption!!   Ethel was quite interested in my salad!!!

Water consumption???   I do at least 60 ounces a day!  

I'm steadily moving forward toward success!!!


Lynn said...

Haha! Saved by the urinal!

#fatfreefloozy said...

That's the BEST story!!! Hope you entertained the staff for awhile anyhow!

Lori said...

Whatever it takes to stay on the right path!

How was supper? No starving child scarfing?

TheAgonyOfBeingFat said...

Hahaha! Saved by the urinal is the best line ever.