Saturday, October 10, 2015

Purty New Shoes

I haven't been running lately.  But I have been thinking a lot about it.   I actually sucked it up and spent the $130 for a new pair of running shoes.  I'm SOOO excited.  New running shoes are AWESOME!   My new kicks are pretty too!  :-)

So I got these shoes and even though I am having some issues that would seem to make me want to not run, I am DYING to get out there and run.   Yeah, it's kinda scary to me too!

So why haven't I run??? Searing pain.  That is the name of the game right now.   Not all the time.  It's mostly just when I walk down the steps.  The first few steps are ok...but about 4-5 steps in it's pain pain pain.    This is so not good.  And NO, I haven't called this half marathon an impossibility yet.  (Who am I kidding?)   I'm hoping to get out there and run this weekend.....even if it's just a few miles.  

My eating is just CRAZY.   I'm determined that today.  Today is the day to turn this ship around.

Meanwhile, I am at work.   I ate a Belvita Breakfast bar....(soft baked banana bread...190 calories) for breakfast.  It works for me on the days that I have to work early.   I'm not sure what lunch and dinner will entail (but I am hungry).   I am leaving work at noon and I plan on doing some geocaching on my way who knows what my day will hold. At least I will see pretty things....hopefully!    The other day I saw tons of mushrooms!!!


Lori said...

Have you seen a doctor about the knee pain? It could be something that would be easily managed with medication. It could also be that running a half marathon is a bad idea right now. If the doctor told you not to run, then there is no guilt in not doing it. Right? Plus, you really do not want to hurt yourself.

Shelley said...

I was just about to ask the same thing as Lori - it's probably time to see a doctor. Searing pain does not sound good, nor does it sound like this is going away.

The new shoes are beautiful...hope you get to run in them shortly!

Darcy Winters said...

Love the new shoes! I keep trying on other brands, but always return to the Asics - they are just the most comfortable running/walking shoe I've found! I agree with the others, I think it may be time to see a doctor about that knee. Maybe he/she can give you a cortisone shot and you'll be good to go.

finding lori said...

Beautiful new shoes!! They would inspire anyone to run, except of course if you're in pain. Don't push yourself until you've figured out what's going on :) BTW, I am super afraid of mushrooms. They are cool looking, but they scare me :)

Rebooting Myself said...

Ditto to what everyone else has said. Get thee to the doctor for that knee!