Monday, December 28, 2015

Check up check in

The other week I went to the doctor.....nothing bad, just a normal check up.   While there, I asked for some extra tests.  No, nothing wrong that would necessitate the tests as medically necessary....but with my life changes of the past year or so, the doctor and I both agreed that while we felt at no risk of needing the tests but that they would be a wise thing to do in order for me to  'move on' with no question. Kinda close the chapter on everything from that 'era of my life'.   (Use your imagination if you are curious.  ha ha ha)   Anyway, why I am mentioning this is because since I was having blood work done, I asked for my cholesterol checked.  I specifically asked for that because I have had high cholesterol in the past and wanted a current number...the doctor decided to throw on blood sugar and thyroid and one or two others (I think).  It was so much that the lab receptionist and the phlebotomist all remarked on how many tests I was having.  ha ha ha.   The doctor called me today.   Everything came back healthy and clean...almost.   The only concern.  My cholesterol was borderline high!  I was ecstatic.  In the past my cholesterol has been where near borderline.  ha ha ha   I'm tickled with that....and the doctor wasn't concerned...just said keep an eye on it.     

Total Cholesterol    203
HDL    55
LDL  130

So I am absolutely TICKLED with my blood work.....everything came back clean and everything came back with normal levels (we are going to call the cholesterol normal since anything below 200 is considered normal)

My weight was down this morning.  I hadn't weighed myself since last Wednesday, so I was extremely nervous.  But much to my shock I was down 1.5 pounds.  Woo hoo.  Hopefully I can maintain that for this Wednesdays official weight!  That would give me a FABULOUS start to the Love Bites Challenge of 14 pounds.    Oh yes, might I add that the loss was OVER Christmas?????  Ok, I won't gloat yet...not until the official Wednesday weigh in!  

I want this weight gone!   I am so totally determined.   Hiking will be easier.  Running will be easier.  Zumba will be easier.  EVERYTHING will be better without the excess weight.   AND, lets face it...clothes are cuter for thin people!

The ankle?   It has been slowly getting better.  However, I did some activities this weekend that kinda irritated it a bit.  Yeah yeah yeah I did a bit of hiking.  Got to go swimming also.  So it is really tender today.  Oh well...I had fun that that is all that matters.  :-)

And here are some of the only pictures I took this weekend.   Morven Park in leesburg, VA.   And a few geocaches!!


The Happy Whisk said...

Congrats on your progress. Here's to letting go and moving on.

Lori said...

Great job on your loss over Christmas. Go ahead and gloat! You've earned it! Congrats on your test results! :)