Sunday, November 29, 2015

Crazy crazy crazy

I have been recently hanging out with a someone new that I have met.   It is incredibly interesting.  

How so?  Well for various reasons...but I'm only going to talk about the ones pertaining to this this time.  

This person is not driven by food.  Food is no important to them at all.    I in the other hand am driven by food.  I have a mentality where I can be just finishing a meal and I'm already thinking about where and what my next meal is going to be.   Case in point, most days on my recent vacations, I knew well in advance what I was eating for my meals and throughout the day my mouth salivated just thinking about it.  Anticipation....Ahhhh.   But hanging with someone that is not driven by food is actually kinda interesting.   That's not saying that we don't discuss food.  That's not saying that when we do eventually get around to eating that we don't fully discuss the options and savor what we are eating.   But our activities are not based around food.   Food is almost just an afterthought.  Days are not spent based upon what place has the best food.  Activities are not planned around food.  Food is a secondary afterthought.  Want to know the crazy thing?  I like it.  

I like it.   And I eat so much less....because without the constant thoughts and plans and dreams about food, I find that I am not really hungry.  Craaaaaazzzyy!

The other discovery?   This person has been a life long hiker.  (Yeah, backpacks...camping...hiking boots..campfire....dreams of the stupid trails......the whole nine yards). Hiking had intrigued me for years.  (maybe not so much the camping...but I've read  accounts of hikers that do intense weeks and months long hikes and I am totally enthralled!). So walking is nothing to this person.   I'm cool with that...I have walked quite a bit...I've run quite a few problemo.  I'm good with it and I even accept it and look forward to some planned hikes.  

What affect does this have?   Last night we decided to run into dicks sporting goods  and also AC Moore.   In my town these stores are located in a strip mall.  In between these stores was Quite a few stores ...9 stores maybe (big stores too..bed bath and beyond, Petco, office max....not small store fronts). There was no discussion.  We strolled the length of the stores.  (And actually went further on the one end to hit up another store). As we were walking, I realized with shame that in olden days (and probably even last week because of deeply ingrained habits and the fact that it would honestly never have off cured to me to walk). I would have started my car and moved it  instead of walking along the well lit sidewalks.  The stores were crowded in the post thanksgiving /early Christmas season rush......but not once did we encounter someone walking between the stores.  Either way, it opened my eyes to how absolutely lazy I have been.  Once crazy is this discovery???  

So let me also finish up by saying that I weighed myself on Wednesday.   I didn't weigh myself again until after thanksgiving....Friday to be exact.    The scales showed me down 2.5 pounds.   Could be an anomaly....but it showed how reigned in and under control (and dare I say unimportant) my eating has been. Both when I'm out and when I'm home.    Let's hope I can hold onto the weight loss!!!  At this rate I may actually make my Christmas goal!  


Lori said...

I think it is mentally and physically healthy to take all the focus off food. When you are not constantly thinking about it, it just becomes fuel and not fun. Having someone new in your life makes you realize you are a real person, not just a girl who is on a healthy journey. Sounds like this person is a positive addition to your life in more ways than one!! :) Keep up the good work!!

Lynn said...
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Lynn said...

I find that a lot of men (if this person is a man) really aren't driven by food, until they get "hangry" ha ha. Go hiking, you will love it.

The Happy Whisk said...

Aside from numbers on a scale, what do you notice different from say, 28 days ago? Can you breathe better? Do you sleep more sound? Do you ache less.

If we were to remove the 'numbers game', what wonderful changes can you think of that don't have anything to do with The Scale.

Denise said...

forget the scale

Lori said...

Good for you. Enjoy yourself and the friendship. Let the rest of life, including the number on the scale fall into place.

Rebooting Myself said...

Sounds like this is a very good (and important) realization for you! Hiking does sound like fun!

Anna said...

Sounds like you are having fun :) Enjoy the adventure!