Monday, September 07, 2015


Am I delusional to even think about running right now?   I managed to complete another 2.5 (a little shy of 2.5 actually) today.    Once again my legs felt FABULOUS!   However I was so stinkin' tired!  I just wanted to lay down where I was running to rest a bit.  I got home and fell into the rocking chair and just laid there.   I fought the urge to actually lay flat on the floor....I was that tired from a stinkin' measely 2.5 miles.  And the rest of the day?  Just wiped out.  GRRRRRR

My only hope is that maybe if I keep at least running the 2.5 miles that maybe I can retain what little progress that I had made in the last month or so.  Delusional?  Maybe.   I do know this....I don't think I would/will be able at this current state to run a few miles and then manage to go to work and be even halfway functioning.  I tell myself to just do the much as my body will allow and whatever happens and has to be will be.

After my run I did run and errand or two...I went to lunch with my family and we visited a HUGE field of sunflowers.   This picture isn't even half of it....and yes, that is sunflowers the whole way to the tree line.

Then I came home and did absolutely nothing, most of the time with my head resting because it was sooo heavy and hard to hold up on it's own.

So after my rough exhausted day (weekend if truth be known.....actually the last week has been one long run of exhaustion) I happened to see a bunch of these that remind me to just push do my best and do be happy with what I have achieved.   Because as my brother and sister in law reminded me the other night on the phone when they were telling me about a person that we know that was talking about their running, I am actually doing incredible.  How many people my weight can say that they can run 6 plus miles (ok, so I didn't run six today...but I ran six a week ago.)  Ohh...and while I ONLY ran 2.5 miles today...and 2.5 miles on Saturday...I am doing it while recovering from pneumonia.  Oh, the 6 miles from a week ago?  That was at high noon....I was hungry and oh yeah, that was less than two days before being diagnosed with pneumonia.   I had run the previous two weeks SICK!  Yeah.....that is one hard ass achievement.


Kerstin said...

That's a gorgeous photo of the sunflower field! Pneumonia is no joke. A friend of mine had it and kept exercising and developed pleurisy which can be life threatening and leave long-term damage. I totally get that you have a goal and want to keep the momentum going but please make sure you give your body the time it needs to rest and heal. We are actually in the same weight range and I am super impressed with your running! I wish I didn't have a bad ankle, I would love to take up running again :) Hope you're feeling better soon xo

MyStalkerIsFat said...

I'm not surprised you were completely exhausted after that run, since your body is probably still trying to recover from the pneumonia. I have no idea what the doctor told you about working out right now, but it seems natural that you are not going to be operating at 100%.

Lori said...

Listen to your body. Don't over do it. I am amazed that you can run at all.

finding lori said...

Take it easy on yourself! It's been awhile since you've been out, and your body is still recovering from being sick. :)

MandaPanda said...

Your body is still recovering from illness. It needs rest so make sure you give it what it needs!

Great run!