Thursday, August 13, 2015

Run Run as fast as you can......that's all that's needed. MY best!

How is my running going this week?   Well.  I went out for my run on Tuesday, my scheduled run day.  It was not pretty.  Not at all. My leg HURT.  I started almost immediately.  I kept going because I was hoping that this muscle (or whatever) would loosen up and I would feel better.

Right there...that muscle (ignore the hole in my sock please!)
The run was interesting.  I swerved down an alley that I don't normally run and it was pretty cool.  Different scenery is always awesome.  It was quiet and peaceful.  That is it was quiet and peaceful until the collie that was hiding in the bushes lunged at me.  Yes, there was a fence between us, but I swear I jumped 5 feet!!!!!
I made it about 3/4 of a mile and I just knew that I couldn't do it.  I turned around and ended my run early.  NOT a great run for my first week of half marathon training...and not a good last run before the 2015 Donut Alley Rally 5k.   (Friday night).  This is my third time to do this run.  My first time was a pretty decent time and I was actually just getting back to running after a case of plantars fasciitis.   My second time was 'eh'.    We shall see what happens with my time.  I don't expect great things. 

I've been filled with LOTS of self doubt about running and being able to complete the races that I am registered for.  Yes, this 5K  and even bigger the 1/2 marathon in October.  Lots of self doubt!  Seriously, I must be crazy for even thinking I can do this.

So I've been a bit worried and down about my running.   The other day a friend from college put a picture on Facebook and the caption/meme said "Don't forget, no matter how slow you are going, you are lapping everyone that is still sitting on the couch"   I've seen that before but totally needed to hear it.    But the REAL pick me up came from a gal I've never met.    I just follow her on Facebook because, like me she is working to lose weight.  She has run various races.  I know there is at LEAST one half marathon....but I'm pretty sure a couple halves are under her belt.   The other day she posted a picture of her watch and stats.  She was so proud of he fact that she had run her fastest 2 miles...EVER.  (she went on to say at least that she has a record of). I was happy for her. Very happy.  I like people to succeed.  She has trained to run and has run consistently so she deserved it right?   But then I did a double take at the times displayed on the watch. 2 miles in 27.44 minutes. I have done the math over and over that is a 13.52 minute mile.   Why am I stressing about my pace?   She is proud of hers......and while I have done better in the past.....that is in the past....right now mine is very similar to hers...and I need to learn to be PROUD that I am out there running!!!

My baby kitty Ethel (ok, she is actually a geriatric kitty) has discovered that when I am at home, she can come over and stand at my chair and cry and get what she wants.  What does she want?   She has a really bad case of arthritis that makes it difficult for her to walk and near impossible for her to jump. She can get up on my bed because I have a ramp of sorts for her to use.  (She can use that on good days).  Otherwise she lays on blankets and pillows that I have for her.  (No worries.....she isn't in pain...she isn't miserable.  She is a happy little kitty cat and I will NOT let her suffer when her time comes).   So anyway, she comes to my chair and cries.  I lift her up and she lays on my chest for at least an hour or two.   Yes, I don't move her...she's a cat, I don't make cats move!   So here is a picture of my baby Ethel and I!!!


MyStalkerIsFat said...

I love cats! I have two but used to have three. Your cat looks like a sweetie!

I find myself stressing about my pace and distance with running, and I finally decided to just run. Turning it into something I have to do in a certain speed or a certain distance was zapping the joy from it. I only feel like half a mile today? So be it! I want to run slow as a turtle? Go for it! I'm still running. I'm not training for the Olympics here. Maybe when I get more weight off and I need more of a challenge, I will push the pace and distance, but for now, I'm just proud that I'm running.

Shelley said...

MaryFran, I have to tell you that I am really loving running this summer. Why? Because I'm not focusing on my pace at all. I'm running with a (slower) friend, just helping her get through the miles one by one. It's been such a revelation to finish a run and not feel bad because I'm slow...I just enjoy the moment of seeing my friend finish. I hope you can let go of what your perceived pace "should" be and just celebrate the fact that you set out to run, ran, and finished. That is a huge achievement right there, believe me!

Lori said...

Since the dog got your heart rate up, it isn't such an issue that you had to cut your run short!

Good for you for paying attention to your body and resting when it is required.