Thursday, July 02, 2015

Pie in the sky

My friend asked me yesterday  what my goal was when the half marathon rolled around.   I tried to play dumb.  I answered 'my goal is to finish the darn thing!'   She wouldn't let me stand with that answer and responded, "your goal weight you ninny". ( Yeah she actually called me a ninny...and I call her a friend....I must be delusional or something!!!  Hahaha).  This was going on during Zumba between songs so I was able to play it off and not answer by looking winded...And I may have huffed and puffed a bit to really cement my non answer!    But ok....on the way home after Zumba I thought about it and I texted her my goal.

The half marathon we are planning on running is  in Philadelphia on October 31.  (We need to register for this puppy shouldn't be too late...I hope...)So 4 months away.

  My realistic goal is 30 pounds.   My pie in the sky goal is 52.7 pounds....putting me at 199.9 pounds.   Yes that's a lot of pounds...but I'll also be running a lot of miles in my training!!

So I HAVE to get my food in line...not!!!!!!


Sara said...

I've found through my own experience with weight loss and now maintenance, that pre-planning the day for your food intake is a huge help. I always put my 'eating plan of action' together in the morning, before I take my first bite of food. I may adjust things a bit as the day progresses, but I know having a written plan in place that I can peek at throughout the day has been one of the reasons I've been so successful with this whole whacky thing :)

Good luck with your weight loss goal and your training!

Scooter Hussy said...

30 pounds in 4 months is a reasonable goal, especially with all the running you'll be doing. Good luck!

Lori said...

You can do it, if you work hard.

Ak said...

Good luck! I never have the dedication to lose weight quickly.

MyStalkerIsFat said...

Great job committing to running the half marathon! You will do great.

Cathy said...

I know I'm behind in my reading and you've already written at least one post after this, but I wanted to comment anyway. :-)

Two things.

One, I am planning on running my first full marathon on Oct. 25th and the registration doesn't close until Oct. 11th. (I'm waiting to register to make sure I can do it and my PF doesn't flair up and prevent me).

Two, I've heard that when training for a marathon it's common to gain weight. I know you're doing a half, but I can see how it could happen for a half too. I've heard that people often overestimate how many calories they've burned and eat too much, or they just get rungry and eat everything. I would like to avoid that myself, and thought I'd just give you a heads up so you can be aware of it as well. :-)

Good luck with your training! I was so nervous to run my first half (and second one), but I am really happy I did both.