Sunday, June 07, 2015


So that redo didn't go well!

Why yes I ate out...just a tad.  Two waffle house meals (in one day), Texas Roadhouse, Bob Evans, Papa Johns, Jimmy Johns, Buffalo Wild Wings, Battleview and Nutters Ice Cream shop.  It was not a stellar week.

I'm holding my own weight wise.  Does that count for ANYTHING?

My week was ABSOLUTELY NUTS.   It started on Monday when my soon to be ex ran into my car.  I do believe you read that right.  He ran into my parked car.  The damage wasn't TOO  bad.

Luckily I was able to pound/pop it out pretty easily only leaving a tiny ding.  (ok, thank you to my father and brother for doing it).  Ohhh, why didn't I turn it into insurance?  The car he was driving....still in my name and on my insurance!   Believe me.....that was switched THIS WEEK!

I was busy.....I had to say goodbye to a person in my life that I care about but it was for the best to let go.   So lots of tears.

I had to deal with my soon to be ex more than I preferred!  

Zumba is knocked down for the summer to two classes a week.  I had to miss the Monday night class because I had a nice dent in my car that I wanted looked at.  I did make it to Wednesdays class.  Running???  That didn't happen.  My excuse (I'm so good at excuses) was that the cut/wound on my foot from when I was walking the beach last Sunday morning is still not healed and still hurts like heck!   I have to get cracking on this running thing.  Speaking of running, I am contemplating going through the couch to 5k running program again.  I think it will be easier (and I an probably start a few weeks into the program...but that it would be a great way to ease back in and maybe pick up some speed!)

I took my camera out with me again this morning.  I enjoyed my time with my camera in my hand again.   It feels good.  For so long it was my source of happiness and then it just bothered me to use my it was refreshing for the second time to just enjoy.


MyStalkerIsFat said...

You would have to look pretty close to see any damage on the front of your car, from the pictures. Hope this week is calmer for you!

Lori said...

I am glad you were able to get the dent out.

I am amazed that you have eaten out so much and have kept your weight steady. That is wonderful!