Saturday, June 13, 2015

Hotter than Hades

I really pondered what to do with my couch to 5k run the other day.   Where I started was not exactly easy but it really wasn't that difficult either.  I couldn't decide if I should stay on that week of the training or if I should bump it up a week.   I waffled back and forth for the last two days.  But today I decided to go for broke.  If it wasn't difficult then I was starting too easy.  So I bumped it up to the next week.   GOOD CHOICE!    

My run this morning was hard.  There were some times during the run portions that I was just begging myself to stop running and walk a bit.  I however stuck with it and did not walk until the program told me to walk and when it told me to run.....I ran again.  No questions asked.  I just did it.

It was hot outside!!!!!!  Even at 7/7:30 in the morning!  But I did it.  And I even took time to stop and smell the roses.  No was during the cool down walk.  :-)

Last night I mowed the yards here....and then I moved furniture.  Once again it was HOT!   Summer is definitely here.

So I've been to get the food back in line and I'll be rolling!

And this is definitely my cat's mode of operation!!!!


Lori said...

Good for you. Getting started is often the hardest part.'

finding lori said...

Great job on making a good choice!! :)

Ak said...

Ugh- I cannot stand when it is hot and humid! Sounds like you made a good decision on the Couch to 5K!