Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Loopholes and Queso

Monday I started this tracking stuff hard core.  I was all over that tracker, like white on rice.  I had this down!  No food was getting past my lips that wasn't going to be tracked.  After all, it's just a week......who can't do something for a week.  And then as I stood waiting for my zumba class to start it hit me.  I vowed to track every bite of my food......I did NOT vow to keep my food under a certain calorie count.  LOOPHOLE!!   Hot dog!  (pun intended!) I laughed to myself but I was fully confident that my calories would be spot on.  I knew what I was having for dinner and I also knew that zumba would net me a nice amount of calories that I could 'eat' if I needed.   I'm telling you.  I was all over this, nothing was going to derail me!

Class started......of rather the instructor greeted us....and then her music wouldn't play.  Luckily for her, it was a VERY light class (only three of us had showed up) and it was all regulars and friends that understand these things.  So we sent her home with a "no not worry" we are all good.    BUT the problem?  As soon as class was declared cancelled, Paula (my trusty side kick) threw up her hands and yelled "Margarita Monday!!!!"  

Now seriously?   What kind of friend would I be if I didn't offer to go with her to the local Mexican Restaurant to avail ourselves of the $1.99 margarita special?    We departed and change our clothes (yeah yeah, in the parking lot...what of it?) and headed off to El Ranchero.  Now let me make it clear.....I still had a small bit of control and I ordered a diet Pepsi and said no to the $1.99 margaritas to save my calories.  Yeah, ok so I don't drink much at all and it wasn't because of the caloric content for this one night...but STILL....I didn't drink, that had to count for something right?   Ok, now that I have bragged upon my alcohol-less night, let me say that when the waiter came over and the first words from our lips was "cheese/queso please"   I knew that it was going to go downhill from that moment.  ha ha ha.  I was WAAAAAAY over my calorie goal for Monday.  But you know what???  The goal wasn't to stay within my calories....the goal was to COUNT my calories, right????.  So a victory???  Maybe????

Tuesday!  I have this.  I can do it!   I woke up determined to beat the numbers game...I was going to stay within my calories while tracking everything.   And then my friend let me know that he was playing hookey from work....and well if he was doing it.....who was I to not join him.   So we went to the movies (once again, don't be a hater...Tuesday movies are only $5!!!)  And we went to lunch. Not bad right?   Uhhhh, a buffet style lunch?   I realized what I had done later in the afternoon/evening when I picked up my phone to actually track my food.  Uhhhhhhhh  yeah, I had a small spoon o corn.  And two hushpuppies....yeah, I had a small brownie, and a chicken wing....some mac and cheese......mashed potatoes.....a piece of nibble of the rice (which I didn't like)....and what else?   Hmmmm I've wracked my brain and I think I have everything.    I put it all in there.   Nope, no need to remind me of the salad that I SURELY ate...I didn't eat one!!!!  When all was said and done   I was 200 calories over for the day...and no exercise but I tracked.   A victory again?   Why yes, I'm going to say it is!

Moving on to today, Wednesday.  Here it is in the morning.  My breakfast is logged into myfitnesspal and here I sit at work.  I have grand plans to mow this afternoon (about an hour of push activity) and then I plan to go to zumba tonight.  (more activity).   Maybe today I will conquer this tracking AND caloric goal thing. (even though the caloric goal wasn't part of the challenge....ha ha ha)


Shelley said...

You look so happy in that picture, and your hair looks great! I don't think there's anything wrong with being spontaneous and going out with friends - it's called living life, and this is what we're here for! Which is also why I try to be pretty diligent making good food choices when I'm at home...because I know I'll be eating out with friends, and that's when I want to indulge a bit. I don't order queso, ever, but if a FRIEND happens to order it, well then, I might have to have some. ;)

Darcy Winters said...

lol...I blew it with the points yesterday too, but I am tracking which is what I said I would do. Baby steps, right!?

Lori said...

You're tracking and thats all that counts right now...the rest will come. Besides who says no to Mexican food and Margarita Monday??!!

Lynn said...

I was getting ready to write that your hair looks great in that photo and I saw that someone else already had!

MyStalkerIsFat said...

Margaritas instead of a workout, who could resist? :)

Jenni said...

As someone said "Margaritas instead of a workout?"

No brainer!

Go for the Margaritas and think of it as a long game

Anonymous said...

Things happen! Sometimes it's good to get out with friends, too. :-)

Alice said...

Give yourself a break and go out with your friends.

If you don't, before you know it, you won't have any friends because they won't bother calling round.

Life is too short so do it