Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Little bit of nothing

I am kinda sorta staying away from the scales.  I don't know what happened the other day and quite honestly I don't think I want to know.  I don't want to let the scales rule me. I don't want to ruin the good feeling.  I don't want to..... oh well....I'll weigh again in a few days.  Maybe I need to stay away from the scales.

So Tuesday night I skipped zumba.  My legs felt like DEAD WEIGHT....before zumba.   Monday night my legs were horrible....they ached the whole previous night. Just laying in bed they hurt.  So I took off on Tuesday night.  Today I felt much better so I hit up zumba.  So far so legs feel like they worked out but not that terrible heavy painy feel.

Not much to say today......just trucking on.


Anonymous said...

Have you tried taking an Epsom salt bath when your legs are feeling heavy and hurting. Just put a cup of epsom salt in a hot bath. You will love it. It will totally help heal and make your legs recover faster.

Ak said...

I have been avoiding the scale but tomorrow is the day... Oh boy! It is hard not to place too much value on the scale.

Lori said...

I have decided to 'fast' from the scales until June 1. I thought I was weighing to keep myself accountable and that I wasn't letting them rule my emotions. It might have been true at one time but not now.

I'll find out June 1 if this is a good plan or not.