Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sunburn City

Last Monday I took the day off from work.....yes, I stayed 'home' sick.  It was a mental health day.  My friend Paula and I went into DC for the day.   The Cherry Blossoms were in full bloom and they were absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!!!!   We walked well over 10 miles and it felt great!

UP close and personal with the Cherry Blossoms

  I did end up with a bit of a I had to tell my co-workers that I was just feverish!  ha ha ha.  They laughed because they knew it was a day for me to get away and decompress.....or rather try to decompress.

The Weather was GORGEOUS!  Perfect day to hit up all sorts of the outdoor monuments.  We hit up The Vietnam Memorial, The Korean War Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Haines Point, Washington Monument, The DC War Memorial, The Signers of the Declaration of Independence Memorial, And I am sure some more!

Paula and I
Cherry Blossoms and Moi

 I went back to work on Tuesday and it was just a rough week.  I'm not sure why my emotions were all over the place...but they were.  Just brutal.   And yes, I ate.  I ate like a pig.  GAH!  Why do I do it to myself??????

Friday I came to a conclusion.  I have to do something.  I'm miserable with my weight and I'm just not happy.  My inclination is to go back to Weight Watchers.  Seriously, the accountability, the meetings, the support worked for me before.  But I am tight on money (singlehood is rough on my paycheck).  I hate to spend the money.   SO I decided that I need to track my food.  I also need to actually work at it. If I am tracking and or lose (either/or) each week I will put money into my 'play fund account.....vacation money!)  This way the money is still staying with ME....and I have motivation.  If it doesn' work,  I start weight watchers!

Saturday came and I was feeling a bit sorry for myself and my friend Paula got me up and moving.   This time we hiked up to Maryland Heights.  It's a gorgeous overlook.  Yes, overlook....which means walking up hill for an hour and twenty minutes!  I'm a big girl.  The last time I went up to Maryland Heights I was at my lowest weight and it was still a hard climb but not brutal.  My current weight.....BRUTAL!  But I did it!    I also tracked my food all day! (even though the hike up and back down the mountain netted me just under 2000 earned calories!)

Harpers Ferry down below!

We felt so awesome after our hike on Saturday that we decided to repeat it (with something a little less strenuous though!)   So we headed down to Great Falls, on the Potomac, Maryland side.  We hiked on the canal....and we went out to the falls.  The lack of mountains didn't net us as many calories, but it did earn me 1000 calories. 
Potomac River behind and below me (probably 50 feet below where I was standing)

A gorge where the water was rushing through

I may or may not have a another sunburn upon my return to work.  

I am in the process of rebuilding my life.  It hit me today.  I need to make it an active lifestyle.  I don't want my new lifestyle sitting on a couch.  I want to be up and moving!!!!!

I want it to be a THIN lifestyle!

I don' know how the emotions will play out this upcoming week...but I can hope that they are more calm!!!

So day two of my eating has been tracked.   I haven't eaten the 'best'   I did have Sweet Frog Yogurt after the Mountain yesterday.  (Hey, it was hot!...and I got lowfat and piled on the fresh strawberries!).   I also went out last night and had pizza.  HA HA HA  Today I did have a piece of cheesecake for our late late that dinner didn't happen. (I called the cheesecake the dinner).   Even with those things I didn't eat even half of my exercise calories.  And I feel satisfied!

So here I go!


Rebooting Myself said...

Wow fantastic job on the exercise front! I soooo want to go to DC very soon! (Maybe we can next year!) You are burning mad calories during those activities so maybe the splurge won't be too bad on the scale at least!

Amazing how just getting out and being active can really put everything into perspective!

Lori said...

I am incredibly impressed that you were able to do all of that walking and climbing with no training time. I'd need months of conditioning before attempting something like that.

For now, just track with no judgement. It will give you an idea of how many calories you typically eat and the best place to start making improvements.

I like the idea of paying yourself.

finding lori said...

Beautiful pictures!! I like the idea of paying yourself too! I do it and it helps motivate me :)

Darcy Winters said...

Great job on the exercise!Have you tried My Fitness Pal? A lot of people really like it. I have trouble tracking, so I went with Weight Watchers and Simply Filling so I wouldn't have to worry about points except for the weekly allowance.

Anonymous said...

Oh, you were sick, all right...sick of it! Sometimes you need a mental health day. :-)

Ak said...

Beautiful pictures! I'd love to go hiking and walking in those places. You've got this!