Thursday, April 02, 2015

Not what I wanted

Last weekend was the Cooper River Bridge 10K in Charleston, SC.  I registered for this race back in December (it had been planned through since summer).   I just didn't train for a few weeks back I started a mad dash to be ready to run this 10k.  I actually did it.  Two weeks before the run I was able to complete a 5.5 mile run.  It was slow but I did it.  Two days later, I twisted my ankle in a step zumba class and thus began the pain in my ankle.

I was determined to still do this I had already paid for the run and the hotel.   I rested the foot and hoped for the best.

On the Bridge
The bridge that I crossed is on the backdrop
It was cold...being the northern girl that I am I braved friend Sue cut holes in socks o use as gloves.
When the day came I made an executive decision.  I dropped back into a walkers corral with my friend and decided to walk it.   Totally not what I wanted.  Absolutely disappointing.  100% the best decision for me.      Watch out Cooper River Bridge Run....I WILL run you sooner or later!

It was still fun to walk this race.

Sooooooo.......this was my first 'huge' race experience.  The cap the registration at 40,000 participants.    I knew it was big but I really didn't think about the scope of soooo many people.

People as far as the eye could see

So here is my Charleston, SC weekend in pictures.

Food:   SOOO Delicious....

Sight Seeing:

Old Churches

Historic Roads (and me)

Old Graveyards

Old theaters 

City Market

Old Houses

Fort Sumter


Rebooting Myself said...

Sounds like walking did turn out to be the best option anyways! Glad you did it and now you can work up to running it next year! Love the pics! Looks like you had a great time!

Lori said...

Good for you for pressing through. I hope your ankle is OK.

finding lori said...

Great job!! Love the pictures :)