Monday, March 09, 2015

Can this be it???

Saturday was the end of the road for me.  I decided I was tired of feeling this way.   As Paula and I made our plans I was committed.  I was going to do this.   The Cooper River Bridge (Yes, in Charleston, SC) run was looming and honestly I was petrified about being prepared to run it.  (Call me crazy but my brutal two mile runs that I had been putting in once a month...ok maybe twice a month wasn't going to suffice and I knew it!).   Spending the day with Paula was just what I needed.   We made our tentative plans for this half marathon (October 31 in Philly) and we made a challenge for each other.    I just had to start carrying out these plans and working toward my goals.  We were confronted all day be health and fitness....even as far as seeing a small health expo.  Where I decided to listen to the chiropractic spiel.  (Was not impressed with her....AT ALL...but it made a fun picture.

Sunday dawned and it was warm.  I got ready to head out to run.   4 miles later and I was done.  It took me an hour to run those four miles and there were moments where I (may or may not have) rolled my eyes a few times during the run.  But I ran 4 miles.  I feel a bit better about the prospect of completing a 10k at the end of this month.  I was slow.  Really slow.  As in if I run at that speed I'll finish it 10-15 minutes slower than the 10k in October. 

I also kept my eating under control on Sunday.   Yes, really!!!!!   Not just under control....I tracked!  Was I over a bit?  Yes, I was over my budget of 1200 calories.  But oh wait, I ran for an hour.   (Yes, you burn a fair amount of calories as a fat girl running....ha ha ha....see there are perks to being fat!)   So in reality, I was spot on (and I didn't eat all my earned calories so it's a good thing!)

So how is Monday going?    Well, my eating has been spot on thus far. (and tracked).  I ran 2 miles this morning. (Admittedly, it was a more rough run this morning than yesterday...but that's ok...some runs will be difficult some will be awesome). 

 I have my gym bag packed and in my possession so that I can get myself to Zumba after work tonight. Why yes, I plan on going to zumba tonight.   My legs are achy today but I know that I will push through at zumba and that I'll feel wonderful after we stretch and call it a night.  :-)

Water consumption.  Check.  I'm doing well with the water intake too!

I thought I would take a few minutes to respond to the inquiry/comments about my cats.  My cats are not in any pain or unhappy and miserable with their 'old age' conditions.  Ethel gets stiff from her arthritis as do most older 'folks'.  But she still trucks around and enjoys life (and yes, I do have some things set up to make it easier for her to navigate). Yes, Lucy has an inoperable cancerous tumor, but if you spent time with her it's obvious that she is not in pain from it. (In fact the vet said she probably wouldn't be even up to the end....and they gave me the signs to look for to know when I need to bring her in for an intervention)  That said, that old girl gets around better than my 5 year old cat.  Lucy is also a happy cat, always purring and wanting loved. My cats are under a veterinarians care.  Regardless of any heroic measures a veterinarian may suggest (mine is pretty grounded and I don't expect heroic measures for my old girls)  I would not allow my cats to live in misery.  I know that the day will come when I have to make that decision.  But that day is not today.  My cats are living a happy life.  (well, they are unhappy when they want to go upstairs and their grandma and grandpa aren't home to let them upstairs....meaning they have to stay downstairs in my personal area.....and yes, they let their grandma and grandpa know what they want and they get what they want!!!!!)


finding lori said...

Yay!! You are doing great! Wish I could run that far :) Great job!!

Anonymous said...

You rock! I knew when you were ready you'd get back out there. Good for you; you're the bravest person!

Kady Osbourn said...

Man! It is so great to read a hopeful and uplifting post from you! You have been going through such a rough season, and I have been praying for you. Have faith! You can do hard things.

Darcy Winters said...

Glad to see the gray skies lifting a bit there. Great job on the running!