Saturday, March 14, 2015

A smidge of this and a smidge of that

Whoopie Pies.... I got home from work and there were four red velvet whoopie pies laying on the dining room table.   I knew that they were leftover from the market where my mother sells baked goods (yes, is it any wonder I've gained weight since living here with my parents???).  I knew it was something I could eat...yet I held off.  I ignored that whoopie pie for 3 hours!   Yes, I did!    And then....well......  It was DELICIOUS!    GRRRRR

Thursday and Friday were good running paraphernalia days for me.   Earlier this week I ordered a Running Buddy from Amazon.  I've been seeing the advertisements and I checked out the reviews and they look to be pretty good.  I HATE running with an arm band.  In the winter I just tuck my phone in my pocket of my sweatshirt...but what do you do in the summer?  Tuck your phone in your bra?   Carry it?   Wear a dreaded armband?   So I saw these little pocket thingies.  They have a flap and the flap goes on the inside of your pants and the pocket goes on the outside  It is kept in place by two strong magnets.  Hmmmm.  I bite and bought one.  (Ohhh and did I mention that it's big enough for my iphone 6plus??? Well it is!)  It came in the mail on Thursday.  Then last night I ended up running into Walmart with a friend.   I couldn't resist the bright pink pants!   From there it was an easy leap to buy the 'no slip headband'  (ha no slip...we shall see about that..headbands ALWAYS slip on me...I must have a misshapen head or something!).   So I will be decked out in new gear tomorrow when I attempt a 5 mile run. 

I am starting to think about what I will wear for my 10 mile run.  Maybe my new pants.  hmmm    Hot pink sounds fun anytime right???  Hat or non slip headband is a big question...probably hat.....hmmmm pink hats...I have my Chicago (the band) breast cancer awareness hat...or my pink hershey kiss hat......decisions decisions.  Oh goodie...maybe I should buy a Charleston, SC hat while I'm down there.   But ohhh heavens...I'm planning on going to the expo.....who knows what I'll be buying!

Yes, I am 2 weeks exactly from my 10k.  Actually, two weeks from right now I will be either sitting saying "wow....I did it.....or drat I failed miserably!"   I have run three times in the last week.  Tomorrow is a 5 mile run...then through the next week I plan on running at least 3-4  two to three mile runs.   THen next Saturday or Sunday hit up another 4-5 mile run and then hit one or two 2 mile runs that week before the 10k.  Yes, I think I should really have run a 6 mile training run...but you know what.....If I can do 5 miles I can do 6......chump change!


Anonymous said...

Hee hee! How girly are you, Miss Pink??? :-D Love your new stuff!

Lori said...

Me too...I love your new stuff!! It make exercise more fun when you have fun accessories :) I say go for a pink theme for your 10 mile run!! Way to go on the training! You've got this!

Leslie Thomas said...

Love your new stuff :0) I know you will be saying, "Wow, I did it!!!"

Darcy Winters said...

Love the pink! I was looking at some workout wear from a company called Tangerine. The colors almost hurt my eyes - neon pinks, yellows and orange. They didn't have my size or I would have had to have bought one of their shirts. The material was SO soft and comfortable feeling.

Great job on getting back into the swing of things with the running!

Celine said...

I love it !

I hope you have a blast on your 5 mile run today ! :-)

Lori said...

New stuff is always motivating.

Good for you.

ayrenay said...

Love the pink! How are you liking your Running Buddy so far?