Thursday, January 08, 2015


Water water water.   I am doing much better with the water consumption.  The morning water is fabulous and so fresh tasting.....once the 'city water' ice cubes start to melt into my water it becomes less appetizing to me as I can taste the chlorine.  Seriously, whoever thought that drinking water could be this complicated?    But it's working.....or rather starting to work.  I made it until Tuesday night before the caffeine headache invaded my life.  I caved.  I admit it, I totally caved and got a diet soda to guzzle down.  Hey, those headaches are the pits!   I also did order and drink diet soda with my dinner last night (girls night out)....hey, it's better than drinking alcohol right????      And it's SOOO much better than drinking ONLY diet pepsi each and every day.  Progress.

Food.   Well, it's not totally under control.  However, the good news is that it's not out of control either!   That's a good thing.  Even better?   I have dropped about 2 pounds (ha ha ha, lets be's probably water retention coming and going due to the natural fluctuations in my monthly cycle, but I'm taking it as a loss and that's that!)  Either way, not being spiraling out of control is a REALLY good step.  Progress.

Exercise......what is that?   I'm looking forward to zumba restarting for the year.  December 17th was the last class and it has seemed like a long stretch of no classes.  Classes are resuming January 12th.   I'm SOOO happy. I miss the camaraderie and yes, the exercise.  I feel sluggish without it. I did run some of the no zumba days. However, rain most of last weekend followed by snow on Tuesday which is now ice in spots makes me hesitant to go out running. That's the last thing I want to do is slip on ice and break my noggin.  (course I'm rather hard headed so my head would probably just bounce). 

So I'm just trying to tighten up the reins and loosen the pants (ha ha ha).   One step at a time.



lossuweight said...

Great boy keep going!!! I enjoyed to read your Posts
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Rebooting Myself said...

Progress is progress! No matter how slow! Good job!

timothy said...

kang in you're doin great! ZUMBA ON!

Lori said...

How about getting some old fashioned ice trays and making ice with some of your good water? That way, you'd drink all of the water and not waste any.

I take excedrin for the caffeine withdrawals. It has some caffeine in it which helps and doesn't get me back in the diet drink habit. I can wean off the excedrin far easier than the drinks.

Still, you are making progress. Don't negate the two pound loss. A loss is a loss no matter how small!

Darcy Winters said...

I just can't give up my caffeine, but I do from time to time switch to unsweet tea instead. That keeps me from getting those headaches, which I don't think I could take right now. Good job! We're going to do it this year!

Alati said...

Keep at it, you're doing great!!

Anonymous said...

Keep it up !! I found myself turning to diet coke again. What's up with that ?? Water water watet

Sonya @ Finding Drew said...

Progress indeed, Great Work! I am trying to up the water thing too now. Especially since I'm doing a soup challenge. ugh...sodium!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the 2 lbs down and good luck with the water consumption. I am thinking about doing Zumba myself this year to help with fitness.