Wednesday, September 03, 2014

A little bit of this and a little bit of that

Today I actually felt really good about myself.  I noticed that I walked with more confidence and a larger smile and I just felt ready to tackle the world.  Hmmmmm  Could it be the 4 runs that I've had the last couple days somehow affecting my brain?   Interesting.

Meanwhile, I think I have learned a valuable lesson.  I've long known that eating a bowl of cereal usually doesn't tie me over to lunchtime. I'm hungry well before lunch.  I ate a bowl of cereal for breakfast...a late breakfast at that. (9AM..after I ran).  By 11 AM I was practically drooling at the thought of food.  I actually made it until about 1 before I caved and had lunch.  I ate my lunch and the ravenous hunger went away but I never felt satisfied.  I made it home to dinner and I just about gnawed the kitchen apart to get to food.  I ate and waited.  I was still hungry so I ate some more.  And waited.  Seriously????  I was still hungry.  What is wrong with me?????   I ate over my calorie goal by probably 400-500 calories.  Much more food than I'm sure I  needed.  So my question is this.  Once that 'I'm so hungry feeling' comes will it pervade my thinking until I stuff myself almost to the brink (or in many cases over the brink) of being over-full?   Food for thought.

This little impromptu eating pondering brings my thoughts to another aspect.  Tracking.  I didn't track a bit this weekend.  Yet I lost.  I started tracking yesterday....and today...and I'm already obsessive about my calories.  Hmmmmmm....I've been doing this a fair amount of time....maybe I do know how to properly eat for my body.  But then again....I've been stuck in the same weight vortex for how long?  Yeah, maybe I better keep tracking.

My running is still happening.  Today was a cross train day.  Zumba was cancelled and I just felt like I went running this morning.  2.2 miles.  It was a much easier run this morning than it was last night (and 1 minute faster per a mile).   I will be running my scheduled training run tomorrow least 2.5 miles.    And Friday is a blessed rest day!  :-)  

The running schedule and my excitement over it brought the thought into my head.  I work well with a deadline looming.  I knew about this 10k AGES ago....I could have started training for it eons back.  I didn't...then I was ready to quit.....circumstances brought it to the forefront and here I am busting my butt to achieve it.  I thrive with a challenge and a that I can't back out of!!!!!!  Hmmmm   Well, maybe not thrive.  Ask me on October 6th if I thrived!  (thriving is finishing the race AND having lost the 10 pounds that I vowed to lose)

And as for the weight......dangit, I wrote last night about the 3 pound loss.....this morning I was up two pounds.  ha ha ha.  I was dying of thirst when I woke up though so hopefully the 120 plus ounces of water I drank today washed the water retention out of me!


LuckyMama said...

Wouldn't it be nice if something were just EASY for once???? I feel your pain, but you're figuring it out and that counts TONS!

Do you have a lot of sugar in your diet?

Fran said...

When I track my food or use a diet, it seems I always want to eat more or am hungry more often. It doesn't work for me. Now that I decided to lose weight but still can have everything I want, I find I make choices in what I eat.

Kerstin said...

I have never been much of a cereal fan, largely because it doesn't satisfy for long. For me protein/fat-based breakfasts work best so I often have eggs with avocado or sautéed mushrooms, or an apple with almond butter and some nuts. One of the most satisfying and long-lasting breakfasts though is still my very odd one of steamed sweet potato with coconut oil and blueberries. Any of these tie me over nicely until lunch.

Calorie counting and tracking works for many people. I am not one of them, I always get to a point where I strongly resent it. I find some loose rules and mindfulness work a lot better this time round. Mind you, not right now as I am still in my funky resistance phase! Hoping to get back into the swing of things once I have started my new job and established my new routine.

Kyra said...

Cereal is so high carb that it totally throws me off for the rest of the day and makes me hungry. I HAVE to pair any carb in the morning with protein (i.e. an egg white omelet with oatmeal or toast, etc. If I only have the toast or oatmeal, I'll eat my car.) Even though my breakfast averages 150-250 calories, it DOES keep me full and even kiltered until lunch/snack.

Some people run better with protein than others, and it turns out I'm one of them. Maybe you are too?

Anonymous said...

I'm with Kyra about the protein. I strive to eat three meals plus two snacks per day. I always used to have cereal with milk and juice for breakfast and would be STARVING by mid-morning. A couple of years ago a friend suggested protein. I still had cereal with milk and juice, but added a hard boiled egg (70 calories). Since then, I can make it to lunch without even a morning snack most helped that much.

Tricia Coniglio said...

Congrats on keeping with your running!