Monday, November 17, 2014


I'm still around.   I'm not putting any effort into my weight loss at this point.   I've got so much going on that I feel as if my head may explode.

Packing, packing and more packing.  How can one person have this much stuff??? Really, I'm not joking!  It's heart wrenching packing.  It's decision laden packing.  I have to decide who 'owns' each and every item I pick up.  Is it mine or his.  If it is ours who gets to keep it.    If it is an item deemed as mine I then have to decide where it or into the limited space that I will be calling 'mine' for the future.   It's a horrible process.   Seriously what do you do with this???

Why yes that's my wedding cake top.  

What about this???

My wedding bouquet?

Or better yet...

Every rose he ever gave me was dried and saved.  Yes I'm a sentimental fool!!!

I chucked the flowers (he pulled them out of the trash and put them in the compost pile...whatever.).  The bouquet and cake topper I threw in with his stuff.  Let him deal with that!!!   Ok that is probably mean, but I didn't want to deal with it.

So my house is stacks of boxes that I am continually moving to strafe...bringing in empty and filling them and moving them.

Last week I hit up Zumba three times...and ran twice.   So I'm not totally off the rails.

However I'm at the top end of that 5 pound weight fluctuation.  Grrrrrr


Kyra said...

That's a lot of emotionally heavy stuff to go through. Even if you were just sorting and cleaning and there wasn't this big thing happening, it'd be a lot of work. This is MUCH more than that. Take it easy on yourself!

Alati said...

Stay strong and take care of you!

Lori said...

Do what you can as you have the physical and emotional strength. Let the rest go with no guilt. There is only so much you can do.

Besides, packing & moving boxes IS a work out.

Debsdailylife said...

What a great release zumba and running can be for you!!! Im afraid I would give up! Proud of you! and thinking about you every day!!

Anonymous said...

Really, really sorry about all this. :-( Glad you're trying to take care of yourself through it all!