Thursday, November 06, 2014

Focus forward

I was perusing blog posts today and stumbled across some talk of a 50 day challenge.  Now let me be honest. I've joined some challenges and they have been awesome, but more often than not the challenges turn into a eat this food product, follow this diet plan or buy this exercise program and commit to it for the set time.  I don't want that.  I'm not saying that the said methods don't work.....for that person.  However, the same thing doesn't work for everyone and it may work for the first half of a challenge and then need adjusting.  So I prefer a little more 'leeway'.   So it was with some skepticm that I began to read about this challenge.  The first item up for conversation was water consumption.  Hmmm, I do try to drink a fair amount of water.   I read onward.  Wow, they weren't even saying to cut out other forms of drinks.  The focus is just to drink water.  If you get your water in and continue to drink other stuff....great.  I can do that!

I read on.  The next thing was to eat thoughtfully.  Well yeah, that's important too!  And simple!   I can do this one!  Next up was to chose your holiday celebrations.  Once again not saying you can't celebrate just saying chose your celebrations carefully.  Hmmmm

Item number 4 was to move regularly.  200 minutes a week....really?  I already do 180 minutes just with my 3 zumba classes.  Easy peasy!

The last challenge item was to track and reflect daily!   Ok, so I haven't been tracking lately, but you know what?  I'm ok with doing it again.  Might be good for me.

 I'm in!   This is a basic plan that focuses on healthy HABITS and not the actual method of completing those habits.   

I'm in a stage of my life where things are going to be changing at a rapid pace.  I'll be moving.  I am saying goodbye to a life and lifestyle that have become comfortable (maybe not what I want...but comfortable).   I am saying goodbye to a man that I do love, but that I know is not what I need.   I need to have that daily reminder and challenge to help me set up my 'new life' with these habits first and foremost.    And well....yes, I'm going to be turning 42 right about the time that I move back into my parents house.  (yes, I'm moving in with my mommy and daddy.....but it's the best move for me as I can recoup emotionally and yes financially).  The problem with moving in with my parents?    My mom bakes CONSTANTLY.  True, she sells most of her product at a local farmers market but there are always delicious baked goods in the house.   But I will navigate that landmine and in doing it I will become stronger in this journey of weight loss.

There are good factors about moving in with my parents, beyond the obvious.  And the plethera of baked good is NOT a positive, as much as my mind and taste buds say it is positive.  My friend Paula is super excited because I will be living within a mile or two of her and that means it will be SOOO much easier to run together. (we are about 30 minutes apart now).  My sister in law has asked me (before any of this started to go down) to join a fitness center with her.  Yeah, I probably will. My sister in law (who incidentally lives across the street from my parents) also runs.  My aunt (who lives next door) has run also (don't know if she is right now due to a knee injury).   So I will have an outlet and support.   (which is good because darn if cakes and pastries are not my downfall!).  And well, I'm going to be in the finished basement with my kitty cats so I will once again have STEPS!  (Yesterday's post explains it all)

I can navigate these changes.  I can, I have to.


Jo said...

So glad you'll be joining us! Wow, it sounds as if you are in for a LOT of change. I hope all goes well. You seem to be at peace with it (as much as possible, anyway).

Anonymous said...

I'm doing that one too!! Nothing complicated! ! I need that!! Thinking of you as you make your move!!

Kyra said...

Thats neat that everyone lives so close. A whole network of support you are moving into! Something tells me that will be a great offset to the baked stuff. :) Those are a LOT of changes!

timothy said...

I know how difficult change is and leaving that comfort zone but you can so do this! and take advantage of all that support and run!

LuckyMama said...

MaryFran - You've got some challenges ahead no doubt!! Be kind to yourself and keep looking forward.

Remember progress not perfection. This will just be a different kind of progress.

Lori said...

That sounds like a very reasonable challenge.

You are in a hard place in life now. Do your best to be good to yourself. You need that. Please, do not beat yourself up if you aren't 100% on the challenge.

Sonya @ Finding Drew said...

Sounds like a great challenge that is quite doable. Sorry to hear that you are going through so much right now. As many others have already said, be kind to yourself right now and just do the best you can.

Susy said...

Mary Fran! Long time no see! I'm sorry to hear about what you're going through, but very glad you'll have so much support! You will be in my prayers. I'd love to join the challenge as well! Let me know where to find it.