Thursday, October 30, 2014

Down but not out!

I'm still here.   I haven't fallen off the ends of the earth or anything drastic like that.    I can honestly say that I haven't even gone off the rails in terms of my eating.   My weight is holding at that  lower post Florida weight. So for that I'm happy.   However I'm not really doing anything to keep it there.   My emotions are doing that for me.   I'm utterly void of any desire to eat. Yes, Yes, I know.  For me that is a rare occurrence.   And yes, I'm aware that this is not the way to drop weight.  And I'm not dropping weight like mad or anything.  I'm one pound down in the last week. 

Running.   What's that???    That is correct, I haven't run since I was in Florida.  I bought new running shoes though?  Does that count???

Zumba was a no go this week (instructor traveling and she couldn't find a sub). So why yes, I've been a total sluggard!!!  

So this is just basically a check in post to let my blog friends know that I'm alive.  Hopefully things will change and I can again refocus on my health very soon.  In the meantime....I'm here and I may be down, but I'm not out!!!


Darcy Winters said...

I'm glad you checked in - I was getting a little worried about you. Sorry you are going through stuff right now. Just keep telling yourself --- this too shall get better! (((hugs)))

Alati said...

Sending you a virtual hug! Hope things get better!

Unknown said...

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LuckyMama said...

MaryFran - As you said, the important thing is that you're here! Period! And I'm glad you're here!

Anonymous said...

Just stopping by to check on you!