Monday, September 01, 2014

Labor ain't kidding

Labor Day arrived.   Thank goodness I was off work!  That makes any day a good one!!!   I got up early and out some food together for dinner as we were having friends over.  I rille through that stuff as fast as possible as Todd and I wanted to get out in the canal.   

It was just a tad bit humid and warm.  But we walked a few miles.  

After walking we ran an errand or two and then grabbed lung before heading home. I chose a healthy option.  

Once home I hung up a new rack for my hats.   I've never been a hat person.  But seriously, hard keep my unruly hair contained and it has the added benefit of keeping the sweat from dripping down my face.  Win win!!!!    So now my hats are hanging!!!

Next up?   Mowing!   An hour and fifteen minutes in the heat (and a little rain) and I decided that te main yard was enough I wasn't doing the far edges or far field!  No way...push mowing is hot hard work!   Just for a giggle I turned on the it amuses me...because I can guarantee that I mowed in a reasonable I promise you I did NOt mow the road or go across te street to mow the neighbora yard.  But, hey, it's worth a laugh!

The evening was spent with friends that came over for the evening.   Fun times!!!!


timothy said...

lolol looks like that new Jackie chan movie, the legend of drunken mower!

Tiffany said...

Glad you had a good day it's always nice to be with friends and family.

Rebooting Myself said...

LOL that looks like how my maps look when I play tennis too!

Glad you had a great weekend!

Unknown said...

lol..that is funny:) Looks like you had a great day!!!


Alati said...

You a ALMOST made mowing look fun ;)