Monday, September 08, 2014

I mentioned my Saturday run???  Did I mention that I ran through the Ides of Hell? It was horribly humid and horribly hot.  But I did it.   Two things happened after that run.

One.  My legs flat outright ached the rest of the day.  Not enough to hinder me from doing anything but just achy.  

Secondly I started to obsess. MY time was slooooow.  Like 14.30 minutes per mile slow.  That's even slow for me!  (A minute slower a mile). I started to panic.   But I a squashed that fear and doubt down and vowed to not let it get to me.

Sunday was a simple walk tow miles day in the te raining schedule.  Easy right??? I t was such a cinch that by 5pm I hadn't completed it yet and it was looming.  I prepared to go home after a day with my family and my sister in law offered to walk it with me.   Thank you Cindy!!!!  2 miles complete in 30 minutes.  (Which goes to show you exactly how slow I was on Saturday!!)

Monday I got up and ran.  I knew that my normal Tuesday run would most likely  not happen (seriously I woke up at 5AM last week to make it happen and realized exactly how'd ark it is out there at that time....I didn't run in the morning).  So I ran this morning.  It was soooo nice outside!!!

Yes from the Ides of Hell on. Saturday to 54 degrees.  Today's run was awesome weather!!!!   And my time was more than a minute faster per mile.  Still slow but more what I expected.   My legs managed ok.  I could feel them, but not really sore and achy.  That is until after work when I added an hour of Zumba Step to my activity!!!!  Fun fun!!!

Now me legs are sore.   Todd came home from teaching his class up in Frostburg and found me luxuriating in the hot tub....eating part if my dinner!

And my experiment is working.  The weight is dropping pretty consistently.  :-). I want to add that I don't think this would work for me if I didn't have the base of right years of tracking and balancing my food intake as experience.  I had to learn those lessons in order for this to work!!!!

That's about it.  Nothing wise....raw....sad....funny.  Just me doing what I need to do!!!

Staying focused and so much happier without the stress if trackig at this time.  (That said I know the rough calorie count of everything I ate so it's not as if I don't have a clue.  I'm just not worried about it.  Saturday and Sunday I was 'probably' a but high in I'm just not hungry so I'm 'probably' on the low side! Who knows for sure.   As long as the scales are going down...I don't care!!!!


Anonymous said...

"That's about it. Nothing wise....raw....sad....funny. Just me doing what I need to do!!!"

That's plenty! That's everything! Hang in there. :-)

Anonymous said...
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Lori said...

I am glad it is working. That is what matters. It doesn't hurt that it is a sane approach too!!!