Friday, August 08, 2014

Running with Heart

The Donut Alley Rally was tonight.  I did this run last year with some friends and had a blast; so I knew that I definitely wanted to do this one again.  Seriously, how could I ever pass up a run where there is a free flowing stream of donuts. (Before and after the run).   This year however I didn't have any friends that were running with me.   Ohhhh, and did I mention that my training has been lackluster to non-existent??    Yeah, that would best describe my running regime of late.

I still forged ahead and signed up for the run vowing to run religiously an get 'ready' for it.  Ha, best laid plans sometimes mean squat and this was just one of those 'means squat' times.    I packed my bags and went to town.  As the afternoon progressed I seriously contemplated backing out.  Yeah, I did.  I'm not proud of that fact.  I gathered my fortitude and just said "DO IT".  I knew I could finish but I told myself that finishing would be the victory.  I had a goal to stay 'close' to my rough times from previous races (38-40 minutes) and I REALLY wanted to be under 40 minutes.

I knew that this run was not going to be a run based on training, but a run based on my heart.  My heart would push me through.  My heart would propel me and my heart would motivate me.  And my heart would fill my thoughts and make me smile.  I was going to be running with my heart.

I started out strong. Todd cheered me on at the start line.  Mom and dad were waiting at about the 3/4 mile mark.   At about 1.5 miles in my calves were SO freakin' tight.  I started intervals.   Mom and dad were at the 2.5 mile mark too!  It was nice to see people waiting for me, cheering me on.  

It was a rough run.  I had some good thoughts in my intensely personal things that fill me with warm fuzzies to think I was smiling (maybe through the grimace of pain...ha ha ha).

The finish line was awesome.  I saw people that I knew..and they cheered me on.  I finished it in 40:52  A minute slower than my recent times.  I'm ok with that...because I ran with my heart!

 I'm ok with that...because I ran with my heart!   And I have the teeshirt to prove it!
 My eating today was...well....   Ok Lunch at Red Robin and they accidentally brought us the french fries instead of fruit...and they left them...and guess who ate them????

I DID however pass on the umpteen free donuts that were floating around before (yes there were people double fisting donuts before running) and after the race.    On the way home we stopped to pick up sandwiches...I ordered a salad..
 One thing my run showed me tonight.......I've got to get this ship turned around!  I ran with my it's time to live with my heart.


Unknown said...

you do have such heart :) Great job on the run!!! you didn't talk yourself out of it..:)


Lori said...

You have a great heart!! You should be proud of your time. Keeping to close to training time is a real victory.

Sonya @ Finding Drew said...

Fantastic! Congrats!!! Good for you for doing it.

Suzanne said...

Yay !! Good Job on that run. I always say it's best to run with your heart :)