Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Dream Big

I'm trying. My current plan is to email my food on a daily basis to a friend.   I have to account for everything and if I'm NOT honest....and put in stellar food choices each day...then at the end of the month if I've not lost weight my lies are going to be quite evident.  I don't like lies!!!!

So I've been pondering dreams a lot lately.  Yes....I have.    I've had quite a few dreams of mine that have been blown to smithereens.  It hurts.  It is demoralizing.  It has left me shifting in the wind.  I've been helpless to save these dreams.  (believe me, I've tried)  But right now I find myself dreamless.  I am not sure where I want to go in life. (ok I have some idea of where I would LIKE to go and LOVE to be...but those thoughts are way beyond my control....I'm not in control of those things...)    What do I want in my career?   What do I want for my life?  

That is the question that I find myself asking.    My friend Sherry recommended that I literally put my 'old dreams' down on paper and burn those bad boys.  She says that I need to actually physically let go of those dreams.  I've let go of teaching......but have I really?   Do I not still feel a squeak of jealousy when I hear about teachers going back to work after the summer?   Do I not still feel a spark of envy when I hear about other people that have realized the dreams that I longed for?   Yes, I do.  Would burning them help?  I don't know.

She also said to sit down and actually think about where I want to be in 10 years.   It's difficult.  So many things are out of my control. I'm trying to teach myself to dream again or rather to dream new dreams, and things about things that I actually have control over. (not that it's bad to dream about the things that I don't have utter control, health, etc etc etc)    But I have a a few things out there that I'm going to try to achieve.......we shall see.  


Jessica said...

I liked your Dream Big image.

Lori said...

I had some issues I was working through a few years back and got the same suggestion. I admit I thought it was dorky to write it down and burn it. What was that going to change? I finally got so desperate that I did.

I burned the paper over the toilet so as not to burn the house down creating another issue! As soon as the paper curled in to the toilet. I had a very strong urge to pee, so I did - right on the burnt paper. Much to my surprise, the issues dissolved much like the peed on burnt paper.

Kyra said...

I'm someone who has to have dreams to work towards. I think that's why i've been struggling so hard with our current living situation and future up in the air right now - I can't make plans, I can't dream and make an effort toward anything, because I have no ground right now. But I will. And then back to dreaming big :)

I say find new dreams, they're always shiny and fun, even if you had to let some old ones go.

timothy said...

your conscious mind wont get it but the subconscious (where many of your issues stem from) will......BURN BABY BURN! I tell my clients to do that all the time. write a letter to who or whatever hurt/depressed/let you down/betrayed you and be brutally honest (even if the letter is to you) when you watch it burn say (yes outloud!) I no longer need this I give it to you God/Spirit to do with as you will........then let it go!