Sunday, August 10, 2014

Athletic and MaryFran are not synonymous or are they?

I am realizing that my athletic prowess is much better than I think.   There is a song in zumba step that involves jumping jacks.  The song just begs for everyone to go "hey hey hey an ho ho ho" along with the music.   The last two zumba classes I have attempted to get my cohorts (that would be the other attendees) to raise their voices while we do the jacks (of which only half do the jacks, the rest march in place).   No one will do it with me!   But they have collectively given me the same reason why they do not join in.  They say that it's all they can do to complete the jacks, let alone adding in yells.  Really????  Both nights I was the largest one in the class, by a long shot!   How is this possible?  Am I actually in better physical/athletic shape than I think?   So maybe all these workouts that I do (even as inconsistent that I am sometimes) actually are doing something?

I have also reminded a few times to not talk about the negative that I lost a minute in my time on my Donut Alley Rally 5k.  I did something that most people couldn't do.   Yet I focus on the negative....I could have done better afterall.

I'm not saying I'm in great shape. I've got a long ways to go.  But maybe, just maybe I need to give myself more credit!

Today turned out to be another lethargic day.  I did walk with Sherry this morning and we completed over 5 miles.

 I did do a few things around the house.  I'm proud to say all three of the big freezers and the fridge freezer are all cleaned out.  The non frost free ones are defrosted and I dumped  al unidentifiable things (yeah, shoot me, I have a bad habit of not marking things) and anything freezer burnt (we had a decent length power outage and shortly thereafter one freezer was left ajar for a few hours).  I get some great satisfaction from organized spaces.  I love looking at perfectly lined towels and such in the linen closet (ok as perfectly lined as I make them...I'm sure others have neater linen closets) ...the only thing that would be better is if they were all color coordinated....ha ha ha  And yes, I folded towels and put them away today.

  I finished that, made lunch and took a nap.  We did eventually get up and head to town.  We really didn't need to go to town (except I wanted to see my brother and his family and parents).  We did stop at Dicks Sporting Goods because I plan on buying a good upright bike...I'm riding next year...and I'm going to use the harsh winter months to prepare!!!   Ok ok I cancelled my gym membership so I'm just making sure that in the cold bitter winter that I have exercise opportunities at my fingertips!!!   We are slowly working on the pond project.  The lethargy slowed us down today....but slowly it's coming together.


timothy said...

you are FAR stronger than you give yourself credit for, and I'm glad you're getting a glimmer of what I see! that negative voice is FEAR and you need to tell it to shut the "F" up! you can do ANYTHING you set your mind too (you're than damn stubborn!lol) so just stop doubting and DO!

Lori said...

I think is is human nature to focus on the one small negative rather than the many much more important positives in life no matter what the arena.

I am certain that you are in far better physical shape than you think. I don't know many people that could do a 5K cold, with no training.

Debby H said...

I know exactly what you mean!! Much easier for me to tell someone else, "Be proud of that time/accomplishment/run/jump etc" and then I stab myself in the back with negativity!!! Easier to hand out a compliment than to believe I deserve one. BUT.... I will accepting compliments make me complacent? Thinking I dont need to work harder? Such a complicated cycle!!!