Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Walk the plank!

This headache is never ending.  Everyday it seems to get slightly better, so I can't complain too much.  Today I'm giving up.   I'm going to damn the consequences and go to zumba.  We shall see how that goes!!!!    And if zumba goes well.......tomorrow I'll be running!!!!!

So what is going on in my life?   Food wise....oh yes, I love food.   I'm not eating exactly healthy.  Lets face it.  Not happening.

Exercise....not happening.  Lets face headache prevented it.

Yeah, I need to be punished for my crimes against healthy eating!!!!!

How am I doing mentally?   Todd said I act like I'm bi-polar.  One day I'm crying and the next day I'm chipper.  It's not quite that way....but I'm trying to pull myself out of the mire.  Unfortunately it's one step forward...two steps back most of the time.

So today we went to Lowes.  We picked up a roll of metal flashing. (those pesky raccoons are climbing the pole and sitting on top of the bird feeder and emptying the birdfood everywhere.....four of them...every night!....we hope the metal flashing at the bottom will keep the out of the bird food).   I was carrying it around and then discovered a new way to carry it that was loads more fun.  Here is a recreation....... Say hello to Pirate Maryfran.  (yes I was going 'ARRRGGHHH"  when I had the picture taken....and it's a horrible picture...but's funny).

Todd wouldn't walk with me.  Maybe that's because I was saying 'Aye aye matey' to people that we passed.  

And in honor of the DONUT alley rally that is only about 9 days away.....I leave you with this thought........


Lori said...

I wish the same thing! Mosquitoes will not leave me alone when I am out at dusk. My husband, they totally ignore.

LuckyMama said...

Your headache is starting to sound worrisome.

Have you perchance have bloodwork done?

Sonya @ Finding Drew said...

I've had a lot more headaches than usually lately too. I'm hoping it's just the weather changes for the both of us... Could be stress too, if it persists though, don't be shy with a doctor!